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7 Silly Questions People Ask about Tattoos or Piercings ...

By Jelena

Silly questions people ask about tattoos or piercings… Whoa, where should I start? With tattoo salons on every corner and so many TV shows about it, you’d think people would finally start thinking its normal. But, oh no, every tattoo and every piercing raises a whole lot of questions, mostly silly ones. I bet every person has a bunch of those experiences to share and I must say I can’t wait to hear them. Now, before you decide to share those with me, take a look at these 7 silly questions people ask about tattoos and piercings and tell me if they sound familiar:

1 “is That Real?”

Okay, when it comes to piercings, I can totally understand this question but do not, and I repeat, do not understand the need to point at somebody’s tattoo and ask is it real. What do you expect to hear? “Nope, I take a ballpoint pen and paint a brand new full sleeve every morning”? LOL! Don’t ask silly questions and, if you must ask those, don’t hope for normal answers.

2 “Does It Hurt?”

“Did it hurt” is a very reasonable question because both piercings and tattoos need some time to heal. What I don’t understand are people who know I have a piercing and still feel the need to use present tense when asking questions about it. Come on guys, it’s been 7 years, that’s enough time for a gunshot wound would to heal, yet alone a simple piercing. Nope, it doesn’t hurt so stop giving me the Oh- you-poor-tortured-soul look. At least 50% of the world’s population has at least one tattoo or a piercing and, as far as I know, they all lead a normal, pain-free life.

3 “do You Know That’s, like, Forever?”

“No waaay! So, it won’t wash off, then?” Well, if we’re going to discuss silly questions people ask about tattoos and piercings, we just have to mention this one! I’d say this is not really a question but a strategy the ones with no tattoos or desires to get one use to say, “You’re crazy, I’d never do that to myself”. Definitely a no-go and, while we’re at it, I’d suggest trying to mask the judgmental look as it can really hurt the person you’re talking to. We all have our likes and dislikes – Right?

4 “How do You Sleep with It?

Ah, this question leaves plenty of room for witty answers and although it might not be the silliest of all silly questions people ask about tattoos or piercings, it sure is an interesting one to try to answer. Some people like to say they hang upside-down like bats while others let themselves be dragged into explaining sleeping is not really a problem. I’d always go with a witty answer, thought, because those few moments of total shock are just too priceless to miss out on.

5 “do You Know You’ll Have a Hole Once You Take It off?”

“Whoa, really? And I thought it was magic keeping it in place!” Now, that answer right there is all it takes to really piss my mom off. Ma, I’m aware of the little hole in my belly button, I was there when they made it – Remember? Surprisingly, my mom was not the only one trying to show off her deduction skills and I could list at least three people who have asked me this question without even trying to think about it.

6 “Whyyyyy?”

Let’s add this one to the list of silly questions people ask about tattoos and piercings! It’s quite simple, totally pointless and even hurtful when combined with the do-you-have-a-psychological-problem-or-something look. I don’t want to discuss it really, mostly because there’s nothing to discuss. It’s just silly.

7 “is That a Tattoo/piercing?”

“No, I was born with it. Didn’t you hear about it? It was all over the news!” LOL! Out of all these questions I’ve listed, this one amazes me the most. Way to go, Sherlock! The mystery is solved! I do, however, have to admit I find this question quite interesting as it gives the “shocking tattooed/pierced individual” a chance to fight back and think of a really unusual answer.

Can you list some silly questions people ask about tattoos or piercings? Have you ever been in the position to have to answer those? Well, let’s hear them both – the questions and your answers!

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