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8 Awesome Crafty Tattoos ...

By Meream

Okay, before we take a look at the photos, I would like to say that tattoos are not for everyone. Some people are wary about getting them because of the pain. Yes, they are painful to get. Before these awesome crafty tattoos inspire you to get one, you should should check out the most painful places to get a tattoo first and how removing them can be a long (and painful) process.

Table of contents:

  1. snippety snip
  2. tattoo dedication
  3. button cuff
  4. serious about sewing
  5. tape measure bow
  6. favorite things
  7. voodoo girl
  8. born to sew

1 Snippety Snip

Photo Credit: The Ephemeral Mailbox Museum

Pretty! I am utterly delighted with tattoos of monochromatic style and this crafty tattoo of vintage scissors looks fantastic. Mine (top photo; original design by my boyfriend) is in the same spot, actually, and also has a pair of vintage scissors. If I do decide to get another piece for the left forearm, I will go for something in black ink, too.

2 Tattoo Dedication

Photo Credit: ChiBart

These are on the feet of a fashion design student. Seriously, what could be a better tribute to your art than awesome crafty tattoos? That part of the body is painful to get a tattoo on so this girl is doubly awesome.

3 Button Cuff

Photo Credit: ImeanHoneyBee

I have a confession: before I got my skeleton key crafty tattoo, I entertained the idea of getting something like this button cuff done. I'm not joking; I have doodles to prove it. What I love about this is that it looks really classy. If you love buttons as much as I do, this is one of the awesome crafty tattoos here that you will definitely find beyond fantastic.

4 Serious about Sewing

Photo Credit:**juulthijssen**

Cute and sexy! For those who are considering getting a crafty tattoo but want a piece that can easily be covered by clothing, this thread and needle one is a great inspiration. The best part: you can add more sewing-related elements later on.

5 Tape Measure Bow

Photo Credit:** oztheawesomewarewolf**

OMG, I die of the cuteness! Perfect placement, too.This is one of the awesome crafty tattoos here that I might consider copying for my body one of these days. In black ink, of course.

6 Favorite Things

Photo Credit: joshuaseye

Sewing machine, camera, coffee, scissors, and roses? Wow, this guy may just be my soul mate! I mean, I am not a big fan of roses but everything else is a constant in my life. If you know this guy, I demand an intro!

7 Voodoo Girl

Photo Credit: ** Rehika**

This makes me want to make a heart-shaped pin cushion. I love this piece because it looks a bit cartoon-ish but the shading on the heart is fantastic.

8 Born to Sew

Photo Credit: ** Janesews**

Okay, how incredibly bad*ss is this? This machine is modeled after the 1951 Singer Featherweight 221. If you want a crafty tattoo that gives homage to a favorite sewing machine, this piece is a perfect inspiration.

I gotta tell you, these awesome crafty tattoos got me thinking of getting inked again. Soon. And yes, I'll get something related to things I love to do.

So, ladies, I already showed you my latest tattoo. It's time you tell me about yours! Show link to photos, if you can.

Top Photo Credit: meream

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