Jen's Tattoo Removal Day 7 Update ...


Jen's Tattoo Removal Day 7 Update ...
Jen's Tattoo Removal Day 7 Update ...

Last week, I had my first laser treatment at Erase the Ink M.D. in an attempt to remove an upper arm tattoo I’ve had for about 5 years. I blogged about that first day here (LINK TO FIRST TATTOO POST). WARNING: Some of these photos are kind of gross. Blisters, eww!
Day Three
Photo Credit: JennKstep

Today I woke up and discovered six or seven blisters, two of them pretty big. They don’t hurt, but my skin is still really tight and numb at the site of the laser treatment. I can see the tattoo has faded already, and I thought it looked pretty good, until a guy in line behind me at the bank complimented me on my new tattoo. !!! I told him the tattoo was old, and I was having it removed. Ah.

I also ordered my three bottles of Tat-Med online today. I hope it gets here soon, so I can start my comparison!

Day Seven
Photo Credit: JennKstep

The site of my treatment itches. It’s driving me MAD. It’s a little red, and still a bit swollen. The blisters have mostly healed, though, and they were never scabby, which is good.

Did I mention my tattoo is itchy? It’s itchy. REALLY itchy.

Still no Tat-Med. It should be here soon.

I’ll keep you updated! In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments about my first week of the Tattoo Removal Experiment, please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: JennKstep

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Ow! Those blisters look nasty! But it's fading so yay! :)

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