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7 Facts on Ashley Greene ...

By Melanie

I am sure, by now, many of you know who Ashley Greene is. I know I sure do! I mean, if you are a Twilight fan like myself, then you know who this girl is. Come on, she is the girl that plays Alice Cullen. In real life, she enjoys outdoor sports such as cliff diving and hiking – so she is not always running away from the sunlight. Let me give you 7 facts on Ashley Greene.

7 Never Played Baseball

Before the filming of Twilight, Ashley Greene has never played baseball before. For the baseball scene, she definitely had to go through some training. Don’t worry, she really did pitch the ball and she says she only hit the camera two times.

6 Hollywood

Ashley decided to move to Hollywood when she was seventeen years old. She moved to Hollywood after she finished high school. She used to live in my area, which is Jacksonville, Florida.

5 Punk’d

Ashley has appeared on Punk’d as well ad MadTV when she was first starting off with her acting career. Do any of you remember those episodes with Ashley in them?

4 Nicknames

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Some of you may think her nicknames are corny, but in a way, they are cute and they are so Ashley. Her nicknames are Asher and Chewey. I think Asher is the best nickname for her.

3 Modeling

In the past, Ashley Greene has done some modeling for Vision. Look up Ashley Greene and Vision – you’ll find her modeling pictures.

2 Reuniting

Greene reunited with Kellan Lutz (A Twilight co-star) in a movie called Warrior. You can also see her playing in Summer’s Blood.

1 Bodypainted Bikini

Did any of you think Ashley had a naughty side to her? Well, Alice isn’t Ashley and this one may surprise you. She appeared in nothing but a bikini, which was painted on her in advertisements for SoBe. This ran in the 2010 issue of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. To be honest with you, I have not got the chance to see her picture in this magazine and haven’t looked it up – have any of you saw it? What did you think of Ashley then?

Those are 7 facts on Ashley Greene. This is the girl that many of us enjoyed watching in Twilight. I think she made a good Alice and in my opinion, they could not of done any better. Did you know that in the Twilight book, Alice is shorter than she appears in the Twilight movie? That’s right, Ashley Greene got the cast, even though she was taller than what Alice was in the book. Either way, I think they made a good call with this actress. So, in your opinion, do you think there could have been a better Alice? If you think there should have been someone different, who do you think they should of chosen? Last but not least, do you have any other facts you would like to add to my list on Ashley Greene?

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