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7 Reasons Jane Fonda Looks Good at 73 ...

By Neecey

You’d find it hard to find somebody who disagreed that Jane Fonda is looking fabulous at the age of 73 and even then they’d be a bitter jealous woman. Jane recently told a magazine that she thinks she looks better now than when she was in her twenties. That might be a tad overstating it but it’s a statement borne out of total confidence that she has to be one of the sexiest septuagenarians we’re likely to see. Back when Jane Fonda’s Workout first hit the shelves of our video store (1982!), good ole Hanoi Jane was the butt of many a joke. That joke is now on a lot of others. Not only was it a huge hit but it spawned a new era in celebrity culture and Jane released her latest fitness program in 2010 (this time on DVD!)

So just how does she stay looking so fit, healthy and sexy?

1 She’s Regular

Jane exercises six days a week. (Well I think about it at least 6 times a week so we’re on a par).

2 She’s Had Plastic Surgery

Jane freely admits to having had the bags under her eyes removed. Do we allow her this one? After all, it seems pointless having pert breasts and firm buttocks if you’ve got eye sockets like a pair of rolled up stockings.

3 She Gets Enough Sleep

Fair enough but so would I if I had millions of dollars, a personal staff and didn’t have to get up for work every day.

4 She Allows Herself Treats

Jane loves hot dogs and hamburgers. Shock horror – she has been known to have 2 dogs in one sitting. Perfectly acceptable but I wonder just how many times a year she actually eats them?

5 She Never Thought She’d Reach the Age of 73

After a much chronicled battle with bulimia, Jane says she’s just glad and happy to be alive. (No sarcastic comment required from me because she also beat breast cancer in 2010).

6 She’s Found Love Again

Well they do say love makes you happy and being happy helps you look good. She’s already had 3 husbands so I guess they contributed something.

7 She’s Doesn’t do It Alone

Despite teaching the world how to exercise for nearly 30 years, Jane has still got a personal trainer. Maybe she is too old to remember the routines?

Am I one of those bitter jealous women? Yes, you bet I am. As someone who has never been bitten by the fitness bug (to be truthful I don’t think the bug has even said hello let alone bitten me) of course I’m envious of somebody who has managed to be so disciplined for so long. Good luck Ms. Fonda. I hope you are still making Fitness DVDs when you are 83.

If anyone has any tips for exercises I can do whilst watching TV or when eating fish and chips, I’d love to have them.

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