10 Things We Need to See on GLEE!

I am a GLEE! convert. I am a GLEEk. It is my fiancee’s fault. Well, it’s Kurt’s fault, too. Plus an affinity for just about every song ever played on the show. Actually, it’s mostly Kurt’s fault. Chris Colfer is my personal hero. Anyway, with the new season so recently started, I thought I’d make ten wishes about what I want to see on the show. And yes, some of the are snarks.

1. Kurt Gets a Boyfriend

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There are all kinds of leaks and rumors and everyone involved with the show keeps teasing about this, and it’s driving me crazy. I want to know. Is it happening? It has to happen. But who is it? Finn does not deserve him, and there needs to be some Kurt PDAs on the show ASAP. I love the character, I love how he developed last season, especially during the second half of it, and he deserves a little happiness.

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