10 of My Favorite Glee Covers ...


10 of My Favorite Glee Covers ...
10 of My Favorite Glee Covers ...

I kind of gradually became a Glee fan, mainly because, every Tuesday, the Better Half stopped everything to sit down and watch it. Over time, the camp of it drew me in – and, okay, mainly it was Chris Colfer's doing. I love that kid; Kurt is my favorite, and may well replace House as my TV boyfriend, in spite of logistics, because this is my fantasy! But anyway, the music is one of the things I love best. I'm sure you'll notice the overwhelming presence of Kurt in my favorite Glee covers, but you can understand that, right?

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“Defying Gravity”

So, I cheated. This is totally Chris Colfer's solo version. I – okay, I hate the character of Rachel Berry with all of my soul, but I do think Lea Michelle has a gorgeous voice. It's breathtaking. It's just … these are my favorite Glee covers! And I want more Kurt!



See? As I write this, Kurt is singing one of my favorite ever Beatles songs right now. It's like serendipity! Really, although he was singing about the Warbler bird, hearing him sing this song made me cry. I'm kind of embarrassed. The BH laughed at me. I don't care, it's moving! This instantaneously became one of my favorites.



I love every bit of this song. “Imagine” is gorgeous, and I love the show's version better than the album or karaoke version. I love that the Glee kids join in with the Haverbrook choir. Seriously, this brought me to tears, too – it's so moving! Mercedes is the shiz, I swear.


“Teenage Dream”

So … you're also going to see a lot of Warblers fare among my favorite Glee covers. I can't help it. They are truly glee clubbin', with the a capella goodness and all. And Darren Criss, his voice – well, I never want to hear anyone else sing a duet with my beloved Chris. Anyway, I love their take on this song, I love that he's basically serenading Kurt as well. Enjoy, I'm going to watch this about five more times real quick.


“Hey Soul Sister”

I love Train. I love this song. I know it's saturated everything, from the radio to commercials to Glee, but I don't care, I still love it – the original and this version. It's so full of awesome sauce, I can taste it. I love the Warblers. I hope they stay on forever – which probably means they won't.



This was a pretty recent premiere as well, and another song that I luuurve. I have this on play all the time. It's quickly become one of my favorite Glee covers ever in all of life – probably, again, because it's all about Blaine and Kurt. They really need to sing together more often, if only because it makes me extraordinarily happy. Besides that, this song is just fantastic, and the two of them singing it is incredible.



I know this song got a lot of flak for “ruining” the original, but oh no. No, no, no. Jane Lynch is so incredible in this, and I love the fact that they worked so hard to mimic and pay homage to the original video. What could be better than this? Go Sue, it's your birthday!


“Only the Good Die Young”

Lately, I'm really into Puck. I don't know, man, Mark Salling is hot. Of course, that might have something to do with his version of “Only the Good Die Young,” which also happens to be one of my top favorite Billy Joel songs. He actually did it a ton of justice. I always worry when Glee does a song I love; I'm always expecting another “Dancing with Myself” debacle, wherein Artie somehow managed to make Billy Idol sound like a lounge lizard.


“Forget You”

I love the original of this song so much! And like millions of viewers, I was a little worried about Gwyneth's appearance because, well. She's Gwyneth. However, both her character and her cover of this song were fantastic. I could listen to this all day – although I still prefer the original, mainly because I like curse words.


“Gold Digger”

Given Will's enduring squaredom, this song should not have worked – ever. But it did, and it was awesome. I don't know why I like this so much, because although I like the original version better … this one is always on repeat. Always.

So now I have a new playlist to make, since I have the overwhelming urge to listen to all of these over and over. Remember, these are just a few of my favorite Glee covers. The Better Half is still mad at me for not including Chord Overstreet's homage to Bieber on here – and the BH doesn't even like Bieber! Point being, why don't you share some of your favorite covers?

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I really like Rachelle's own rendition of On My Own


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