7 Musical Instruments That Are Easy to Learn ...


7 Musical Instruments That Are Easy to Learn ...
7 Musical Instruments That Are Easy to Learn ...

They say that music is food for the soul. There is no doubt that music can touch us in ways that we cannot even imagine. Unfortunately, not all of us have the time to learn complicated instruments. But, here is a list of 7 musical instruments that are easy to learn.

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The xylophone is a great instrument to learn and certainly one of the easiest. The bars of the xylophone are similar to the piano in their layout and they have to be struck with mallets to produce a note. You may have even seen kids play with plastic xylophones- it is that easy to learn.



As long as you have some knowledge about chords or are willing to learn, an autoharp is a very easy instrument to learn. The autoharp ensures that all strings other than those of the chord you are playing are muted, so it is easy to sound good on a autoharp.


Comb Buzzer

The comb buzzer is not only one of the musical instruments that are easy to learn, you can even make it on your own. All you need is a pocket comb and a tissue paper. Jus place the tissue on the comb and hum through the tissue to produce interesting sounds.


The comb buzzer might seem like child's play, but it's actually a fantastic entry into the world of music. By humming different tunes and controlling your breath, you can create an array of melodies and rhythms that are surprisingly enjoyable. It's perfect for impromptu jam sessions or showcasing creativity with simple household items. Coupled with its ease of transport—fits right in your pocket—the comb buzzer is a delightful way to keep music at your fingertips, no matter where you are! Plus, it's a wonderful instrument for engaging young children in musical exploration.



A Kazoo is a musical instrument that produces a humming sound when it is sung into. You close your lips around the kazoo and make some sound repeatedly. The kazoo will add a hum to the sound you are making and transform it completely.



Bongos are definitely one of the musical instruments that are easy to learn. A bongo is a combination of two drums that are joined together. It is placed between the knees to be played. It is played by striking the tops of the fingers and the palm on the surface of the drums.



Tambourines are shallow drums that are held in the hand. They also have jingles along the side that add to the sound. You can shake it, strike it with your fingers or knuckles or use different techniques depending on what suits you the best. This is certainly a very easy musical instrument to learn.



While drums seem very complicated, they are not very difficult to learn if you have a sense of rhythm. You don’t need to start with a full drum kit when you start learning. Just start with the bass drum, the snares and maybe a top hat. The most important aspect of drumming is keeping the beat.

So, these are the 7 musical instruments that are easy to learn. However, it is important to remember that just because they are easy to learn does not mean that anyone can play them. You have to have some musicality to be able to produce good music from these instruments. Better, whatever kind of music you produce, you will surely have a lot of fun playing these instruments.

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It's always been my dream to play the bongos

LOL ya, how about you try drums, and see how easy it is before stating it. All the drummers I know (quite a bit, and my husbands a drummer) have spent YEARS on the drum.

Do NOT go and claim that these are easy instruments to learn. The xylophone will take years for even the smartest people to learn even a little bit. The kazoo you must know pitches in order to hum. The pictures of "bongos" weren't even bongos they were doumbeks and djembes. And last of all what really gets me going is saying the drums are an easy instrument to learn, yea sure anyone can hit some things with a pair of sticks but to stay in time, read music, shape the phrases, get the proper tone on all cymbals and drums, learn complex rhythms, fit in a band takes years to master come back and say something when you learn to change a drumhead sweetie or just stick to your blogging stick to your blogging housewife.

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