9 Worst Singing Actors ...


9 Worst Singing Actors ...
9 Worst Singing Actors ...

Certain celebrities suffer from the delusion that because they are successful in one field, they will achieve the same success in another. Usually, they are completely wrong. Here are some actors that have tried singing … I dare you to listen …

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David Hasselhoff

The Hoff is no great actor, that’s for sure, so perhaps he attempted singing in the hope that he’d be better at it. The evidence suggests otherwise. Yet he was strangely successful in Germany.


Bruce Willis

Slightly better than the Hoff, but then anything would be. If you are too young to remember the 80s, now is your chance to suffer along with those of us who heard this.


William Shatner

Shatner is in a league of his own as far as ‘singing’ actors are concerned. Such a unique, um, ‘style’ … Check out his version of ‘Rocket Man’ …


Patrick Swayze

It’s not that Swayze’s voice is that bad, but the song is a typical 80s power ballad. Perhaps with a better choice he could have made a credible singer.


Russell Crowe

Even Russell Crowe finally realised that calling his band ‘30 Odd Foot Of Grunts’ wasn’t the greatest of moves, so he’s now gone for a change of name. Would you be brave enough to tell him they should probably change singers as well?


Richard Harris ‘Macarthur Park’

Can you manage the full 7.5 minutes of of this truly lyrically bizarre creation? Even now, people still marvel at the strangeness of the song. What on earth was going on? Should probably be listened to only after having consumed lots of illegal substances.


Roseanne Barr

Barr deserves inclusion just for the way she murdered the National Anthem in 1990. I can still hear her caterwauling pursuing me after a full twenty years. Once heard, never forgotten. Even a full lobotomy couldn’t get this one out of your head.


Nick Berry

Ex-British soap actor tortures us with this drippy ballad. I see no reason why you in the US should not share our misery. Listen to the full 3 minutes and 14 seconds or we WILL send you Cheryl Cole.


Leonard Nimoy

Closer to actual singing than colleague Shatner, but Nimoy’s tribute to the Hobbit must be proof that people took an awful lot of drugs in the 60s. A very strange choice of song indeed …

I’m sure that everyone has their opinion on singing actors, and there will be people who actually like some of these songs. But which actors do you think should stay well away from the microphone?

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About number 2... Hell, I can't even remember the 90s! Eighties no way.

It's The Hoff!

Not only actors I feel some singers should be away from singing..remember Justin Bieber?

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