10 Most Important Celebrity Scandals in 2010 ...


10 Most Important Celebrity Scandals in 2010 ...
10 Most Important Celebrity Scandals in 2010 ...

For some celebs, making scandals is the only way to stay relevant while others have their reckless, cheating spouses to thank for this type of negative publicity. Some of those things make us go LOL while others leave us feeling kind of sad, wondering how that person must be feeling right now. Moreover, when I look back at this past year, I can definitely say reading gossip magazines was everything but boring. So, here’s the list of some very scandalous events that have certainly made 2010 a very profitable one for tabloids:

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Sandra Bullock and Jesse James

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James Image source: livestory.com.ua

Any man would be lucky to have Sandra as his wife but Jesse apparently isn’t just any man or isn’t a man at all. I will never understand why people cheat and, if they really must do so, why don’t they at least find somebody better? Jesse has ruined the best thing that has ever happened to him and for what? Affairs with trashy webcam models! LOL! Talking about a fair trade…


Eva Longoria and Tony Parker

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker Image source: s.plurielles.fr

Unlike Sandra and Jesse, Eva and Tony really did seem like the match made in heaven. Unfortunately, being married to this gorgeous Desperate Housewife didn’t seem like much for Tony so he felt the need to spice things up by hooking up with their mutual friend Erin Barry. Eva filed for divorce and I’m really glad she did so. I mean, a drunken night out is one thing but discovering hundreds and hundreds of text messages your husband used to send to the other woman is just unforgivable!


Liz Hurley Playin’ It Safe

Liz Hurley Playin’ It Safe Image source: widescreenwallpapers.org

Men are not the only one prone to scandals and dishonest behaviors, of course, and I’m going to go one step further and backup my claims by mentioning Liz Hurley. This girl was like, “Okay, my marriage is not working well and I’m going to get a divorce” and, don’t get me wrong, that’s fine with me. The only problem is that she kind of forgot to inform her husband about it. She did tell him afterwards but not before she has managed to find a replacement first!


Justin Timberlake’s Cheating Ways

Image source: endir.net

Why have one gorgeous woman when you have two? That’s apparently the celebrity motto and Justin isn’t immune to this sort of behavior either. Hollywood hottie had something really good going on with Jessica Biel but that’s all in the past now. Why? Because he felt lying about breaking up with your girl just to get some of that Daily-Show-correspondent-Olivia-Munn’s steamy lovin’ is totally fine! So much about Justin being all sweet and nice!


David Boreanaz Cheating

David Boreanaz Cheating Image source: celebridoodle.com

The world has been completely unaware of her existence before Tiger’s affair broke out but now, she’s done with the popular golfer and moved on to the next (married) guy! Yes, I’m talking about Rachel Uchitel, the most famous of all Tiger’s mistresses. After sucking out every photon of the unexpected limelight the affair with Woods has put her under, this fame hungry monster knew the only way to get the cameras to turn in her direction again was to find another famous sex toy. ”David Boreanaz… Why not? He’s famous and married!”, the home-wrecker though sharpening her claws. If Rachel was a superhero , “Ooops, I did it again!” would probably be her theme song! LOL!


The Making of… Heidi Montag

The Making of… Heidi Montag Image source: etoday.ru

The year 2010 was a year of many important breakthroughs and, believe it or not, it has nothing to do with NASA! One average plastic surgeon has actually managed to prove that Frankenstein isn’t just a fantasy giving us preview of what future might look like. Beta version of this bionic woman of the future is no other than our Hills celeb Heidi Montag. Unfortunately, the procedure(s) is still not available for general public as the tests revealed some major faults in the original design – despite the upgraded hardware Heidi 2.0 is still not compatible with Brain OS and has troubles running applications such as RationalDecisions.exe and Gettingalife.exe. Back to the drawing board!


Mel Gibson and His Big Mouth

Image source: spreadit.org

Mel Gibson had a problem with keeping his mouth shut this past year. He started the year by insulting a TV host on national TV and ended it by showing the world how “passionate” he can get over voice mail. Well, not exactly ended because the audiotapes of his phone conversations with ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva leaked in July but I’d say that’s more than enough to declare one year officially over and lay low for the next 5 months. According to Mel, his ex is a “mentally deprive idiot” he “owns” and there is a mentioning of the famous N-word, skimpy dresses and a boob job. Whoa Mel, you really can’t keep your mouth shut, can’t you?


Paris Pleads “Stupid”

Paris Pleads “Stupid” Image source: resources1.news.com.au

What would you do if you were Paris Hilton and you got caught with almost a gram of cocaine in your purse? Confess and beg for mercy? Don’t be silly! The popular blonde said she thought it’s just a gum! You might be stupid, Paris, but the cops are not!


Perez Hilton Facing Accusations for Child Pornography

Perez Hilton Facing Accusations for Child Pornography Image source: images.dailyfill.com

In case you’ve missed this story, it pretty much goes like this – Miley Cyrus accidentally(?!) shows too much, Perez posts an uncensored shot and earns his place in the hall of perverts. Totally blown out of proportion, if you ask me, because she was wearing underwear! If she can’t handle a dress then don’t let her leave the house wearing it! It’s as simple as that! I’m definitely starting to understand people who claim Miley isn’t such a good role model after all!


The Famous Tiger Woods

The Famous Tiger Woods Image source: bestweekever.tv

Last, but not the least, the sex scandal that has inspired many other celebs, the porn industry and various witty entrepreneurs – Tiger Woods and his harem! This story has been developing for months giving all women the popular golfer has ever “sinned” with a chance to step out and cash in big time. Tiger has paid his dues, he apologized, did a lot of rehab and somehow managed to get Elin to forgive him so it’s safe to say story had a happy ending. Unfortunately, this drama has inspired many other fame-seeking mistresses to speak up, causing a whole avalanche of confessions, apologies and celebrity divorces.

Yup, an interesting year indeed! But, is there a scandal I’ve forgot to mention? One you were particularly interested in?

Top Photo Credit: debaird

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"You might be stupid, Paris, but the cops are not!" hahaha!

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