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8 Reasons We're Obsessed with Celebrities ...

By Lyndsie

I confess, I am totally obsessed with celebrities. A lot of people are, but why is that? Why do we care? There are actually a number of reasons, and they're widely varied. A lot of times, if you disagree with something a celebrity has done or just don't like someone famous, you get a lot of people giving off retorts like, “Oh, you just don't like so-and-so because you're totally jealous.” Is that really the reason? Here are some of the main reasons we're obsessed with celebrities, so let's see if that's true.

1 They Inspire Us

I don't know about you, but there are some celebrities I'm totally obsessed with because they inspire me. Johnny Weir, for instance, is a huge inspiration, as is Josh Kilmer-Purcell. Of course, there are different degrees of obsessiveness, and this is one of the positive ones. Naturally you want to follow the exploits of someone you like.

2 They Frustrate Us

Some celebrities are just frustrating, though. They have the potential for success, for the entire world, and through their acts and escapades, they just keep through it away. It's easy to get obsessed with celebrities who frustrate you, because you want to see what they'll do next.

3 Escape

Of course, celebrities also allow people to escape from their own lives. I like watching the Fabulous Beekman Boys, for instance, because I wish I could live on a farm – even though I probably wouldn't if the reality presented itself. Still, if you ever pay attention to what a celebrity does because you wish you could live that life, you understand.

4 They Make Us Aspire

Just as some celebrities inspire you, some make you aspire to better things. I'm going to call up Josh KP again, because he makes me aspire to be a better writer. If you see a celebrity living your passion, then it's easy to look to them for both inspiration and aspiration.

5 They Entertain Us

Without question, celebrities and their exploits are entertaining. Sometimes you get obsessed for no other reason than because a certain celebrity really makes you laugh or something. It's not anything bad, you just like reading about what they do and say. I could, right now, bring up the point of Charlie Sheen!

6 They Intrigue Us

Many celebrities are still intriguing as well. For every celebrity who has a sex tape or reveals their whole life in tweets, there are still those who keep things mysterious. You don't read about their personal lives, which only makes you look that much harder. My weakness here? Kevin Spacey. Yum!

7 Envy

And yeah, okay. It's not at all uncommon to obsess over a celebrity because you're envious – on the surface of things. Like, I envy the fact that Kim Kardashian is famous and has lots of money and can go wherever she wants, but am I jealous of her, herself? Not so much, no. I mean, I don't have a show, but I also don't have a sex tape, so I totally win.

8 Horror

And sometimes celebrities just horrify us. They're awful! The things they say and do, when they're on film, you have to wonder what's wrong with them. We get obsessed with their downfalls not because we're jealous or wish them harm, but because they're just so out there.

Believe it or not, there's nothing wrong with being obsessed with celebrities, along as you don't take it too far and become some super creepy stalker or something. These are just some of the reasons we're obsessed with celebrities. What is your take on it?

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