5 Interesting Posts to BlogStalk...


5 Interesting Posts to BlogStalk...
5 Interesting Posts to BlogStalk...

This is the ultimate guide for shopping for sex toys. The comments are helpful, too.

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Celebrity Kids with Mohawks

Leave it to celebrities to give their children the most interesting hairstyles. These boys gosh darn cute!


We've all had bad days. Check these great tips on living through a terrible day.


This is probably a lawsuit waiting to happen but you have to check the photo. It's incredibly funny.


Willing to Flirt for Money?

Times are hard and some girls are doing interesting things to earn money. Would you consider "hostessing" to earn big bucks?

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LOVE two and five. Flirting for money? Hmmm...very interesting topic. :)

I think Kingston Rossdale is maybe the cutest celeb baby ever :)

The Paris hilton one is a lawsuit waiting to happen! In ref to jumpsuits, yes petite ladies can wear them too dear, i would suggest go for cropped leg styles. happy wknd ahead xx Marian

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