7 Hottest Guys of 2011 ...

The official list of all the hottest guys of 2011 is out which means the only thing we all can do right now is wait and hope our fav celebs will rate high. But that doesn’t mean we can’t cheer for them… well… you, at least… because none of my fav eye candies made it to the final round. Daniel Craig and Jake Gyllenhaal are just two of 70 well and not so well known names Glamour Magazine has mentioned in their rather extensive list of hottest guys of 2011 and, which one will be the ultimate winner… Well, let’s wait and see. But here are some of the most interesting candidates:

1. Usher

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Single, cute as always and back in the game, so if you think Usher should win – vote! He’s not being the world’s most lucrative singer these days but hey, you can see him in Never Say Never… if you don’t mind watching a movie that has anything to do with Justin Bieber, that is!

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