7 Celebrities with Anxiety Disorders ...


7 Celebrities with Anxiety Disorders ...
7 Celebrities with Anxiety Disorders ...

People tend to think that celebrities do not get stressed out, because they have it all made. Believe it or not, they do get stressed out. Below, I am going to give you 7 celebrities with anxiety disorders…

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Danny Osmond

Danny Osmond Photo Credit: ori0nis

At six years of age, he remembered the beginning symptoms of what would later develop into SAD. While he was acting in “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,” his stage friend was overwhelming. No longer able to cop on his own, he found help and received both therapy and medication. He has openly spoke about this in his autobiography along with his interviews.


Paula Deen

Paula Deen Photo Credit: MnMCarta

This is a famous chef. She is famous for cooking those Southern meals on the Food Network. She has battled agoraphobia, which is the fear of going in a crowded area, for over twenty years. Her fear was so bad that even going to the supermarket to get ingredients was hard.


Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba Photo Credit: bitterroses

Now, what problems could Jessica Alba have on her case? Well, she has the same thing I have! She has OCD, which is an anxiety disorder that gives one the need to repeat certain things, such as hair-combing or hand-washing. It peaked on her 25th birthday, when she got stressed over the two hundred balloons her boyfriend put in the hotel room to surprise her. Don’t worry Jessica, not only do I have this problem as well, but about 2.2 million adults in the United States has some type of OCD.


Heather Locklear

Heather Locklear Photo Credit: tiptopslgallery

She is famous for her roles in Melrose Place and Dynasty. During the year 2008, she checked herself into a facility to get help with her depression and anxiety.


Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg Photo Credit: Hagoody

For many years, she was afraid to fly. Her form of anxiety was a specific phobia. Treatment for phobias include cognitive-behavioral therapy, medications and exposure therapy. To ease her phobia, she went for exposure therapy.


David Beckham

David Beckham Photo Credit: NIMONY

He has a phobia that is known as ataxophobia, which is a fear of untidiness or disorder. He organizes clothes in his closet by color. He even lines up the cans that are in the refrigerator. I know, I do it too…


John Mayer

John Mayer Photo Credit: Contrails

Okay, John Mayer, what are you stressed over? He keeps his anti-anxiety medication in his pocket in order to combat those anxiety attacks. He takes Xanax, which is used to commonly treat panic attacks and anxiety.

There are plenty of other ones that are dealing with anxiety, but I gave you 8 of them. Did you ever think they would have problems? Well, I guess it goes without saying that celebrities have a lot to deal with too! Money isn’t everything! So, do you know of any others?

Top Photo Credit: yolandajabonillo

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tom cruise is dyslexic. i love that all these successful people have things we have too. i swear i have ADD lol

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