10 Photos of Celebs in Full Halloween Garb ...


10 Photos of Celebs in Full Halloween Garb ...
10 Photos of Celebs in Full Halloween Garb ...

We know, we know, posting Halloween photos 3 days after the holiday is just a tad lame but we still would like to know who you think had the best costume. And while you're at it, tell us what your costume was this year! Sadly, I did not have an opportunity to dress up because I attended a formal wedding (seriously) so it would be great if you tell us how your Halloween turned out. Below are just some of my fave celeb Halloween photos:

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Brangelina out for Halloween Fun

Brangelina out for Halloween Fun I love how it looks like Brad put a lot of thought into his costume while Angelina had a 5-minute DIY look.


Nicole as White Rabbit

Nicole as White Rabbit I love me anything related to Alice in Wonderland so this costume is a WIN for me. She said that she tried to dress Harlow in a costume related to the story too but the little girl set her sights on Tinkerbell.


Gwen Stefani as Jessie of Toy Story

Gwen Stefani as Jessie of Toy Story Is it just me or does Gwen look like she could play the real life version of Jessie?


Jessica the Explorer

Jessica the Explorer I seem to be liking costumes that are kid-related and this one is no different. Now if only Jessica's husband did not go as Dora's cousin...


Angels (One in a Tight Corset)

Angels (One in a Tight Corset) Mariah was the angel in a tight corset, of course. I am aware that they probably chose the costumes as part of the promotion of her latest album, Imperfect Angel, but you have to admit that Mariah's hair does look like it is always blown using the hairdryers in heaven.


Skeletal Pair

Skeletal Pair Because the best way to get the most out of store-bought costumes is to look super-cute in them.


Kelly as Stewie Griffin!

Kelly as Stewie Griffin! I will have to say that this is the BEST COSTUME EVER. I am a big fan of that evil baby. My admiration for Kelly has officially increased tenfold.


Ravenous Ravens

Ravenous Ravens Seal and Heidi Klum dressed up as Ravens for their annual Halloween party. I was hoping to see Heidi in a form-fitting dress because I wanted to gawk at her body after she gave birth but this fun costumeis enough. I love how it seems that she hires the best craftsmen for her costume every year.


The Cutest Kangaroos This Side of the Planet

The Cutest Kangaroos This Side of the Planet AKA the Hannigan-Denisof family. A photo of them sans costume is always cute but this is a delectable icing on an already yummy cake.


Katy under the Hump

Katy under the Hump While most celebrities would choose to show off their curves in revealing costumes, Katy Perry decided to embrace Halloween fun without worrying about flattering photo ops.

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I love Gwen Stefani as Jessie from Toy Story. I thought I was Jessie when I was a child, and dragged a Jessie doll all over the place with me. This brings back so many memories. Maybe I should dress up as Jessie next year! :)

Sheila, I was a nurse.. but I looked pretty weird! Katy perry's costume seems so constricting! I sure wouldn't want to be under one all night! real style real people, I totally agree with you about Mariah! It's something to be expected now!

Hah yeah =P What were you for halloween? Did you dress up too?

I'm loving Gwen as Jessie from Toy Story! Hedi's costume is a bit ridiculous.. but I know how much she loves halloween and likes to go overboard. The Stewie costume creeps me out a little, is it me or does he have massive booty??! Damn, I thought my costume was weird =P

Sheila, Ok hun thanks for your help.. I'll wait and see what happens :) Send me as soon as you know something! :)

Sheila, Yeah and my mum apperantly thinks like you, that's the reason our candy is in hiding! Loool

lolol!!! sooo cute!! i loved the kangaroo one.. gwen looked cute in hers. and dora was cute too. im so sick of mariah carey.. although her costume was cute..but still lol. i was a kitty ..its on my blog :]

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