18 Photos of Celebrities Rocking the Most Interesting Leggings ...


18 Photos of Celebrities Rocking the Most Interesting Leggings ...
18 Photos of Celebrities Rocking the Most Interesting Leggings ...

I am a new leggings convert. It wasn't only until late last year when I became brave enough to wear them. It wasn't also until last year when leggings style became just a tad too strange for my dear little heart. We have already featured here some of the fun leggings out in stores today. However, I wanted to know how some of our favorite actresses wear them so I made this little list. Lemme know which of the following looks appeal to you.

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Tie Dye

Tie Dye I have been THIS close to buying a pair tie dye leggings on eBay. However, something stops me from actually bidding. I still don't know how I feel about them. Do you think Drew looks cool wearing them?



Jungle I think I'd prefer that print for a wallpaper or something.



Torn I will never pull this off. She only pulls them off because she's wearing Doc Martens, she's 16, and it's her birthday.



Striped Wow, what do you know, these don't look so bad. Probably because we have an abundance of shades of gray. And gray is always classy.



Leopard This is perhaps the reason why I don't like pieces of clothing with animal prints.



Jeggings I admit that I kind of want to buy a pair. They may be my first step into non-boring leggings adventures since I can only wear black at the moment.


Black 'N Shiny

Black 'N Shiny If paired with the right top and accessories, they will look hot. Kim K. sure looked chic wearing them. The cage shoes help, of course.


Side Interest: Ripped

Side Interest: Ripped I have nothing bad to say about this outfit. Kudos to her for pairing the leggings with a not-so-revealing/oversized sweater.


Side Interest: Holes

Side Interest: Holes I can't tell if these are stockings but I have seen leggings with this design. Rihanna looks cool but I will not wear them for sure.


Printed Patterns

Printed Patterns Do you like this pair? I have to admit that I like the corset.

11. Patterned Holes

Printed Patterns **

Can't make a leggings post without a photo of Lindsay wearing them of course. I don't know how I feel about this pair.


Cropped and Shiny

Cropped and Shiny I'm sure there is a cool way to wear these. Silver is perhaps too bright for me, though.



Leather Giselle, that lucky girl, has the legs to pull this pair off. Unfortunately, I live in a city so hot, a pair of leather leggings will be the death of me.


Bright and Colored

Bright and Colored I actually want a pair in red. Of course, I will not wear them like Paris did here.



Lace Whoa, look at how Katy wore them! I'm sure they'd look cool if worn another way, though.


All Glittery and Grunge

All Glittery and Grunge I don't know why I like this look. Maybe because Taylor is not wearing at least 5 layers of eye makeup? Maybe because leggings with lace-up shoes are cute?



Baroque Who designed these? They look really interesting and fun.


Silver and Long

Silver and Long An overload of Rihanna, this post. Not my fault if she practically lives in leggings. This particular pair (and the whole look) is actually kinda nice.

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I really like leggings too! I don't wear them often, but when I do they are so comfy...

Some are awful, some are interesting, and some I'm surprised were bought.

WHOA!!! It's like the 80's all over again!! LOL!! I like the shiney black ones.

Wow, so many leggings... I truly heart them! My favorite is the ripped one!

I used to be scared and embarrassed about the idea of wearing leggings because my legs are not slim yada yada but, I just got over it and NOW, my oh my, I LOVE all my leggings. Especially when paired with a long top or mini dress.

I'm surprised not one person came here to bash them leggings. Haha. They're not exactly everyone's favorite. :)

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