Wide Leg Jeans 4 Great Finds for the Latest Look ...


Wide Leg Jeans 4 Great Finds for the Latest Look ...
Wide Leg Jeans 4 Great Finds for the Latest Look ...

You’ve heard the buzz, wide leg jeans are the latest thing. Everyone from Kate Moss to Lindsay Lohan is loosening up their style with the new wide leg jean look.

Spring always seems to bring out the inner sailor in the fashion industry, and the newest wide legs are no doubt a spin off of that nautical theme. On the other hand, perhaps it’s just a reflection of our desires to be free of the constraints of winter (and those super tight skinny jeans). Wide leg jeans seem to be the antidote this spring.

No, they’re not like the elephant bells that were around in the Hippie Era. Think of this new crop of wide leg jeans more like sailor inspired trousers or retro-influenced palazzo pants. They are loose and breezy with a fit that clings to the hips and then opens up to dramatic proportions through the leg.

Thanks to lighter weight denims, these jeans have a softness and fluidity that keeps them from being over powering. Check out our jeans length guideto find out the perfect length for wide leg jeans, and make room on your shelf on for a new style (scoot over skinnies!)

**Here are 4 great finds from zafu that will get you into wide leg jeans without investing your entire clothing budget for the year: **

1. Bongo Bongo Wide-Leg Palazzo Jeans $30:
Here’s a flashy way to wear the new wide leg jean trend. Tab detailing and rhinestone highlights bring attention to the fitted hips and waist of this Bongo jean. The soft stretch denim opens up at the thigh and finishes in a full wide leg. Because this style has no shaping at the knee, this wide leg jean is best left to women with the super long legs to show it off best.

2. JLO by Jennifer Lopez Wide Straight Leg $79:
The details on this wide leg jean from Jennifer Lopez are cute and casual. An oversize button at the front waist and a wide hem, give this jean its laid-back appeal. And check out those back pockets! (If you’re familiar the JLO brand, you’ll know that back pockets are not common on her jeans) These are sleek and simple without being too basic.The stretch denim is soft and drapy, just what you need in a wide leg jean style.

3. Forenza Wide Leg Denim Jeans $25:
There are so many details to this jean that we don’t know where to begin. Don’t let the unusual seaming and bright red stitching scare you off. Once you slip into the light weight denim of this wide leg jean you’ll be glad you tried them (many of our fit models actually bought these for themselves).They’re casual, fun, and easy to wear; the perfect jean for spring and summer.

4. Candies Wide Leg Trouser Jeans $35:
While these "trouser" jeans are too casual for most offices (they didn’t make the cut for our feature article) they fit the wide leg jean trend perfectly. Slim through the hip and thigh, the leg starts to open up just around the knee and flares into the largest leg of the group (29", if that means anything to you). Chunky details and two tone stitching give these a funky appeal that will be perfect for all your warm weather activities.

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** Are your jeans too short? Don’t make that fashion mistake! **

Try thezafu fit finder to get personal fit recommendations for your body type.
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