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Hottest Pictures of Adriana Lima

By Sheila

Super model Adriana has all the forces of nature working for her. Most men cannot help but drop their jaws at the sight of her. Must be the exotic Brazilian thing that she has going on. Whatever the reason, we adore her just as much…
What a perfect picture to show off that flawless body in. Adriana transudes sex appeal. Now we know we’ve got the men out there drooling but ladies, you’ve got to agree that she deserves every bit of that attention.
I think we all agree that Adriana’s best feature strictly speaking facially ofcourse, are her ocean green eyes. And they literally sparkle in this picture! Radiant and mischievous, Adriana looks beautiful and very lovable!
We love the combination of dark and light in this picture. It is almost gothic and evil but intriguing and very **sexy **at the same time!
Red lingerie, red lips, long wavy hair and that seductive gaze…. Adriana literally sets the screen ablaze with this picture. What can we say, she’s perfect as perfect can be.
We adore wacky **pictures! Specially when they can be both quirky and hot. So while we love the pop of color, the delightful short haircut, the …ahem….interesting pose we also love that Adriana still looks **sexy as hell!


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