10 Weirdest Lady Gaga Looks ...


10 Weirdest Lady Gaga Looks ...
10 Weirdest Lady Gaga Looks ...

Pop sensation Lady Gaga recently stated “A girl's got to use what she's given, and I'm not going to make a guy drool the way a Britney video does. So I take it to extremes. I don't say I dress sexily on stage - what I do is so extreme. It's meant to make guys think: 'I don't know if this is sexy or just weird.’” Lady Gaga claims she spends hours coordinating her attire. I think using the word “weird” to describe her outfits is an understatement! In fact, in recent times I would have to say that she is the celeb with the worst fashion sense. I’m sure you’ll find this statement to be true after reviewing my list of the 10 weirdest Lady Gaga looks.

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Services Available: Chimney Sweep

Services Available: Chimney Sweep Lady Gaga claims she spends hours coordinating her attire? Or hours coordinating her face to go with her ridiculous outfits? This outfit looks like she spent the afternoon cleaning my chimney. On her way out of my chimney apparently her pants got snagged on a brick and ripped off. I don’t exactly know how to explain her bra being on the outside of her clothes. Is this girl for real? The cotton ball for hair and mask of black lace make this coordinated outfit just that more ridiculous. Can you believe she wore this to the Ace Awards?


Bluella Deville

Bluella Deville One of the more “bland” but strange Lady Gaga looks is this blue sheet of a gown she has on. It seriously looks like she was getting ready and decided to put on her favorite curtains. She reminds me of Cruella Deville’s not-so-evil half-sister or something with that ridiculous fur draped over her shoulders. Surprisingly, her hair and makeup are normal for the night. After all, she was attending the Billboards 4th Annual Women in Music event — she didn’t want to look too “weird”.


Aah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah!

Aah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah! One of the weirdest Lady Gaga looks by far is this red lace getup she wore to the MTV Video Music Awards in 2009. The design of the dress gives it an older woman look, aside from the fact that it’s see-through. At least she matched her undergarments with the dress this time! I do understand though that if I was wearing this outfit in a room of best dressed MTV Goers I would want to hide my face too! For all we know she could be accepting the “Weirdest Outfit” award! If they don’t have that award yet, they should make it in her honor.



Papatrashy The Michelin man has a sister! One of the weirdest Lady Gaga looks is the one she has seen here. It looks like she had another situation where she couldn’t find something to wear and decided to grab some trash bags and throw them on. The excuse she had is fashion. I think the only thing she should be coming up for an excuse for is why her sense of fashion is so uncoordinated. At least she has cute shoes on; maybe those will draw attention from the ridiculous sunglasses.



Kermie Who are you and what have you done to poor Kermit the Frog?! Is she for real? This Kermit the Frog getup has to be the absolute weirdest Lady Gaga look. Jim Henson would turn in his grave. I’m surprised she hasn’t been tackled by rabid pigs with long blonde hair. What will she do next for attention? Wear bubbles, trash bags, or curtains? Oh wait, she’s already gone there.


The Girl in the Bubble

The Girl in the Bubble One of the most famous weird Lady Gaga looks is the bubble wrap look! That’s right! Lady Gaga was wrapped in enormous bubble wrap. Do you think it’s all for fashion or fun? I think she gets off on people looking at her with a stupefied expression on their faces. How else would you look at one of these outfits? Underneath the bubble wrap she’s wearing one of her famous nude leotards and fish net panty hose. How creative… not! If you’re going to spend hours coordinating your look you should really try to use some real clothing somewhere in the mix.


Fifth Element

Fifth Element One of the weirdest Lady Gaga looks is this bizarre blue and white china print piece with a matching hat. It reminds me of a print I’d find in my grandmother’s china cabinet. I don’t know what’s worse, the outfit or the hat? It reminds me of something you would see in the movie Fifth Element. I had no idea people wore these kind of things because they liked them! I could see being paid to wear something but wearing something like this because you like it?


Business Savvy

Business Savvy Wow. She always out does herself when it comes to making sure she’s wearing one of her weirdest outfits. It’s like she goes out of her way to wear her underwear in public. The underwear at least matches her bra and over coat. Why did she match everything but her boots? Speaking of boots… I could understand a woman liking some thigh boots but with the ridiculous laces the boots just look sloppy. Of course anything to help her look weird!


Bloody Hell!?

Bloody Hell!? This is by far the sickest display of “fashion” I’ve ever witnessed. The weirdest most bizarre Lady Gaga look I’ve seen. I could see if you were at an anti-fur rally and you threw blood on the fur to demonstrate how animals are tortured for our fashion, but seriously? Who puts fake blood on themselves and calls it fashion? At first the outfit appears to be perfect for a masquerade ball gone wrong complete with mask. Then at the end it’s just completely wrong! I really think that this woman should be taken in for a psychological evaluation! If she isn’t half man, then she’s definitely half crazy!


The Raven

The Raven Last but not least one of the weirdest Lady Gaga looks is this rather goth look she displays here. Underneath all the nonsense accessories and feathers adorning her neck it appears that the dress itself was rather normal. Take it upon Mrs. Weird herself to ruin the only normal thing in her closet! The cluttered over-display of feathers reminds me of the Edgar Allan Poe poem “The Raven.” To top it all off, she found a matching black lace hat! I can’t believe she dresses like this in public. How bizarre!

I hope you enjoyed viewing and reading my opinions on the 10 weirdest Lady Gaga looks. Please do not take my statements personally if you are a fan of Lady Gaga. Her music and fashion have inspired millions, and there isn’t anything wrong with that. People are entitled to their different opinions but after all this topic is called “The 10 Weirdest Lady Gaga Looks,” so what else would you expect but weird looks and harsh critiquing? I think as she progresses and gets a little older her looks will change for the better… or so I hope! I just can’t stomach the idea of her having a fashion line and people all over dressing this ridiculously. What do you think of Lady Gaga’s fashion sense? Which of her looks do you find the most bizarre? Please let me know!

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I love lady gaga! Her style is so unique and creative~~ She's probably the only one that can pull it off though. Look at that body! Most of the stuff she wears is fresh off the runways like from Alexander McQueen

When leaving Glasgow, Scotland, she wasn't allowed onto the plane because her blood circulation had been cut off. wonder why? Because... she decided to wear ONLY sellotape wrapped tightly around every avaliable space of her body!

I really don't like how you are criticizing her. I'd like to see YOU have the guts to wear what she does. I love her style, if I could afford half the stuff she wears I would defiantly wear it. She is who she is, you can't change that. I think you're a bit jealous because she's can pull off her clothes.

Yes.. I think you took my article the wrong way...I mean a blog is an editorial pretty much in the world of journalism. It's opinionated. We're all granted the right to have our own and I thank you for taking the time to read my blog and express your opinion. Sure it has a meaning behind it but unless she posts a sign above her head explaining what the meaning is to us it is what it is. Beyond the usual you would see. Out there. This doesn't mean she's terrible. It means, to the average eye that doesn't see her fashion statements for the meaning they have behind them, it's just bizarre. I personally like her music.. Am I gonna lie and say i think she has wonderful fashion sense? No. She's even stated in her own words "“A girl’s got to use what she’s given, and I’m not going to make a guy drool the way a Britney video does. So I take it to extremes. I don’t say I dress sexily on stage – what I do is so extreme. It’s meant to make guys think: ‘I don’t know if this is sexy or just weird." (which was in the beginning of the blog).. I mean the topic is 10 weirdest lady gaga looks what did you expect it to be about how great she designs the weirdest outfits and their meaning behind them?

I hope you don't call this website a 'fashion' blog. Because Lady Gaga is beyond any of the 'fashion' that you post on here. The Kermit the frog outfit was in order to raise awareness about wearing fur, she sees Kermit the frog as cute. Animals that are stripped for fur are also 'cute', this was the statement she was making. If you were a lover of fashion and a fan of hers you would know about the thought that goes into every outfit. Wouldn't you think that if lady gaga was some idiot that didn't know how to dress, that the fashion industry would laugh at her? Funny how they all absolutely love her and feel inspired by her. Maybe your just intimidated by the looks... and maybe your too narrow minded to look past your judgement and realise fashion isn't only style, it's art.

Excuse me, but i don't really like the way you're "critiquing" her, she's just trying to be creative. I think her art direction and what she wears is much more interesting than a lot of the dresses that the other celebs wear. Her outfits are coordinated on purpose to be not the same or matching. That way there will be sufficient contrast and it'll actually help draw attention to a piece in the outfit. Most of these are actually really cool, and if she was a little taller and thinner (ie, a runway model) the outfits would look really cool and avant garde too.

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