10 Great Women (and Outfits!) at the Glamour Women Awards ...

I love the Glamour awards. Not only do they show us women how great we are, but they are also fantastic for style...the celebrities always come out in force, and in great clothes! From those who got it spot on to the outfits that must have looked better in their heads, it’s always a great event, and as always this year I couldn’t want to see who wore what. Here are 10 great award winners, and what they chose...

1. Cheryl Cole

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Cheryl looked fantastic in this Julien Macdonald number, with a low cut neckline and high hem, cancelled out by the long back and elegant nude colour. I love the lace detailing! It looked great against her tanned skin, and I loved her jewelled shoes...she looked every inch the Woman of the Year!

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