6 Cute Kate Bosworth Looks ...

Kate Bosworth, with her slim body, eerie eyes, blond hair, and sweet smile, looks like she belongs to the fairy world or a porcelain doll collection that's meant to be admired from afar. Maybe she does, in the eyes of the beautiful men she has dated. Whatever the case may be, we can all agree that her casual fashion is truly inspirational. The following are 6 looks that I find really cute:

1. Pop of Yellow

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I'm a big fan of a yellow. It never fails to cheer me up. Kate must think so, too, since she wore this post-Orlando breakup. This look reminds me of Twiggy but perhaps only because Kate looks tiny here.

3. Jumpsuit Love

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Here is Kate in her silk jumpsuit, getting all adoration from her equally adorable boyfriend, James Rousseau. Don't they look cute in their monochromatic ensemble? Not a lot of people can pull off a loose jumpsuit look but Kate looks like a natural.

3. Acid Wash Cutie

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Just like Sienna Miller, Kate loves her acid wash jeans and red Chloe boots. Kate has been photographed many times wearing these boots and I love the fact that she is not afraid to wear her favorite pieces again and again.Love the gray animal print blouse.

4. Loved up at Coachella

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Now this is what I call a perfect concert outfit. Topshop dress, yummy mustard flat sandals, and a lovely boyfriend to complete the look. Very casual and low-key but still very stylish.

5. Beachside Boheme

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Now a lot of people say that Kate is too skinny and that she should eat a hamburger. Granted, she does not look as fit as she did during the Blue Crush days but I think that she could just be naturally skinny. With that said, I love this DVF zigzag bikini. Very bohemian.

6. Chic at LAX

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I have to admit that if I wear this outfit for a flight, I'd feel too costume-y. But here is Kate looking fabulous and cute at LAX. I am in love with her shoes, too.

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