20 Amazing and Stylish Natalie Portman Looks ...


20 Amazing and Stylish Natalie Portman Looks ...
20 Amazing and Stylish Natalie Portman Looks ...

Ah, Natalie Portman. Who doesn't like her? I will readily confess that I have a girl crush on this petite beauty. Not only is she a wonderful actress, she is also smart and has a great sense of humor! Plus she dated that confection of a man, Gael Garcia Bernal (lucky girl). Another thing to add to that enviable list of characteristics: this girl knows how to dress. Off or on the red carpet, she never fails to wow us. Let's take a look at some of her amazing outfits, shall we?

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Don't Be Blue

Don't Be Blue Jason Wu dress plus dramatic eyes and colorful accessories. I never would think about pairing that shade of blue with purple shoes but then she's the fashionista and I'm just a fan.


Lanvin Lovely

Lanvin Lovely If she were half a foot taller, she can be a runway model with this physique.


Following Givenchy's Guide to Being Gorgeous

Following Givenchy's Guide to Being Gorgeous For someone as tiny as her, you'd think she'd drown in an origami dress. But with a strategic peek of her gorgeous legs and her sleek hair make this look work.


Casual and Cute

Casual and Cute Now this is a look that I will happily copy. Isn't she adorable?


Sitting Pretty

Sitting Pretty I think I want that dress. The shoes, too. A perfect day look at a film festival.


Doggie Love

I can't decide what I find cuter, the outfit or the dog. All right, this may be a Natalie post but I gotta give points to the pooch.


Jacket Love

Sorry, doggie, but I think the outfit is cuter than you this time.


The Other Beautiful Boleyn Girl

Nothing like an interesting neckline to bring out the true beauty of a dress. Pair it with black pumps and you're good to go.


Lady in a Little White Dress

Natalie has visited Total Request Live before this but this time, she acted like a real lady in her little white dress.


Puffball Pretty

The color of the scarf if pretty but I think the sexy shoes make this look.


Short and Sweet

Formal shorts in
Short and Sweet a formal event? Why not? This is Natalie looking unique and adorable for a jury photocall at Cannes a few years back.


Fiery Red in Lanvin

A tiny dress with interesting detailing sure look great on tiny Natalie. Love her makeup here.


Skull Candy

Skull Candy A TRL look that is more fitting, right? I love this look because it has a Lorelai Gilmore vibe. You know, graphic shirt and sexy shoes.


Sleeves of Interest

I'd have thought that a small girl like her would drown in a dress with sleeves like that. But she pulls it off beautifully.


Looking Good While Doing Good

Natalie participated in a discussion with other powerful women in celebration of Women's Day looking polished in her dark boots and blazer. But a peek of her yellow nail lacquer showed her young spirit.


Rodarte on the Red Carpet

Here is Natalie looking purplelicious at last year's Oscar's in a Rodarte beauty. I wish I can find better photos of her Stella shoes.


Ferragamo While the Sun is out

Looks like she could put out a few candle light in this ensemble. But I'm not hating 'coz I love that jacket.


Ferragamo at Night

Of course, when paired with skinny jeans and wedge pumps, the jacket transformed Natalie into deadly sexy.


Blazing Beauty

Dear Natalie, may I please have your blazer? Thank you. I'm not feeling the dress here. Good thing she covered it up.


Gray and Black the Right Way

Perhaps it's the belt (shown in previous photo) I want. It sure made this Rodarte dress look lovelier. This is one of her current looks that I find really cute.
Thanks to Just Jared, Popsugar, and Fabsugar for the photos.

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She's one of the only celebrities that still looks gorgeous with short hair.

She is Stunning!

OMG I have a girl crush on her too! LOVE these pictures Meream! She's even sexy in jeans and a skull tshirt with short hair! And I love her dog...too cute!! Ive loved her ever since I saw her in "Leon the Professional" Great movie if you havent seen it rent it!!

I love Natalie. Does anyone know the dress from #4 look ? Who is it by or what store can I get it at ? I am in love with that look ! I often wonder while I am at the salon about to get my hair cut if I could pull of the natalie short hair... I am in my early 20's and I think I should just do it once cause I will never get another chance to still be like well I was young and tried it.... but I am too much of a scardy cat... although my hair is pretty short now. Anyway I have rambled on now... Love the posts of Natalie ! Help with that dress anyone.

Omg! I heart that Jason Wu dress on her! Stunning! And you're right. I would never dare to wear purple shoes with blue but she can totally pull it off.

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