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8 Cute and HOT Photos of Taylor Lautner from Rolling Stone ...

By Meream

This post is for all of you ladies who belong to Team Jacob. I admit that I am not into the whole chiseled look but there is something about Jacob that is a bit charming. Perhaps it's the "good boy" vibe? I'm not saying I'm not into Robert because his awkward/shy personality is also attractive. But let's not talk about Rob now because he doesn't have a Rolling Stone spread, does. Just remember ladies, you cannot hate on Taylor Swift after you check these photos.

1 Stole Popeye's Spinach

Stole Popeye's SpinachI can't help but think that that bulging bicep was a result of spinach-binging. Well, considering how buff he is, he probably eats healthy. And boys who eat healthy are HOT.

2 All-American Beach Football

All-American Beach FootballIsn't he too young to be blatantly posed as fodder for fantasies? Well, that's not our problem now because these photos are already out and people cannot prosecute you for making him a central character in your fantasies.


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3 Great from the Back, Too!

Great from the Back, Too!Oh hey, he has a bum! I bet some of you ladies will be happy to know that he looks great from the back, too. He's probably cold from these beach photos so just imagine you are giving him hot chocolate and a well-deserved hug when he gets out of the water.

4 Pillar of Hotness

Pillar of HotnessI find it weird that his forearm has the same width as his head. But it's cute that he has the same eyes as his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, as shown in this photo.

5 Shopping at the Kids' Department?

Shopping at the Kids' Department?Is it just me or is that shirt too small? In any case, Taylor in a small shirt makes for a good photo. So let's thank the wardrobe department of Rolling Stone, shall we?


CAPTION THIS GAMEOkay, ladies, let's play a little game. Let's write down what Taylor is probably thinking in this photo. Please be creative and wild. The comment section is all yours. Mine is "I don't do buttons on Tuesdays." Okay, that was lame.

7 Riding Straight to Your Heart

Riding Straight to Your HeartSome girls have a weakness for hot boys in motorbikes. I admit that I did when I was in high school. This photo brings back memories (some are embarrassing).

8 All Covered up

All Covered upThis is my favorite photo from this spread. It looks like a classy perfume ad, no? This proves that he looks just as great covered up, wearing adult-size clothing.
Photos by: Mark Seliger/Rolling Stone

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