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Oscar Rerun Best Actress in a Supporting Role - Monique ...

By Sheila&Yusuf

Those of you that were watching the Oscars and the interviews after that, don't you think that Monique seems to have been affected by her role in the movie? I mean I could not see the usual bubbly and charming Monique but only the serious Mary in her! I guess that's what winning a best actress award (supporting role or not) requires - living your character!

For those of you that haven't seen the movie "Precious: Based on the novel Push by Sapphire" (yes, the name's a mouthful), you really should. And as Gabourey Sidibe said in one of her interviews, "This really isn't a black-people issue movie. It is a human issue movie with a black cast". The tale the movie tells is of an illiterate and obese 'Precious' who struggles to cope with the worst possible situations one could imagine. She not only faces poverty with her family living on welfare, but also has to deal with sexual, physical and mental abuse by her father AND dysfunctional mother. Precious is periodically forced to have sex with her father, leading to her first child and also her being pregnant with her second.

He says: This is definitely one of those movies that you leave being thankful for what you have in life.. and wondering why you put yourself through those 2 hours.

She says: I loved Requiem for a Dream but it left me deeply disturbed for days. I have a feeling this is going to have a similar effect so I'm just going to avoid it. Well deserved though I'm sure!

A word of warning to all... do not watch this movie unless you really are prepared to witness some hideous forms of humanity. Though the movie does end on a relatively happier note (relatively being the key word, not happy), it is still a lot to take in no matter what Oprah tells you!

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