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Victoria Beckham Strips for Armani ...

By Mabelle

If you’re 34 and you already had three kids, do you think that you’d still be given a chance of posing (almost) naked for steamy Armani underwear ads? If you’re Victoria Beckham, you’d think that it’s you’re God-given right.

Actually, the former Posh Spice is merely following the footsteps of her hubby D**avid Beckham** – when he had those traffic-stopping, steamy ads for Armani.

The Italian fashion brand will feature Victoria in all her lingerie-clad glory for their Spring/Summer ’09 ad campaign. The fashionista celeb was photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott – the two photogs who also took shots of David Beckham for his take as an Armani underwear model last year.

I do think that she’s a natural choice – because Victoria’s a style icon in her own right. Geez, we hardly ever see her looking like a soccer-mom – she’s always dressed to the nines!

So what is her reaction about being chosen for the Armani ad campaigns?

'It’s a huge compliment being asked to be in the campaign and to be part of the worldwide campaign for Emporio Armani underwear. It’s really exciting to me. Mr Armani is a lovely person and his team is fantastic, so it’s a really exciting project for me to be involved with. And hopefully they will see a huge response.'

- Victoria Beckham

As one blog commenter succinctly put it, Victoria’s beautiful, successful and has a killer bod – why not her? Why not, indeed?

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