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9 Crazy Things People do when They're in Love ...

By Aprille

Being in love is one of the warmest and happiest feelings that can be experienced by most people. Here are 9 crazy things people do when they’re in love.

9 Drive Our Loved Ones All over the Place

Drive Our Loved Ones All over the PlacePhoto Credit:

This is something that normally men are more susceptible to but some women will do so as well. When in love we often drive our partners all over the place, even if it means going a good couple of hours completely out of our way. We will never tell our loved one that it is out of hour way, we will normally make up some excuse about needing to head over in that direction.

8 Women Go out and Get a Brazilian Wax

Women Go out and Get a Brazilian WaxPhoto Credit: yadiis

The amount of pain that women go through when in love is unbelievable. A lot of women will go off to have a Brazilian wax and then come home to surprise their partner. Okay, I understand the idea behind this but the pain is unbearable and it is crazy to put yourselves through this.


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7 Sing out Loud at the Top of Their Lungs

Sing out Loud at the Top of Their LungsPhoto Credit: Seven Morris

When we are in love many of us are known to sing out loud or hum along to only the music in our heads. We may look crazy to anyone that does not know us but that is okay because we are happy and in our own little world of love.

6 View Everything Their Partner Does through Rose-tinted Glasses

View Everything Their Partner Does through Rose-tinted GlassesPhoto Credit: sonictk

Whilst in love your partner can do a lot of things and you will always see them in a positive light, as though you are looking through rose-tinted glasses. This is fine when it comes to small bad habits that your partner may have, however it is not so good if they have bigger and nasty habits. Once the glasses are removed or the affect of your love wears off you may be surprised to see what you are left with.

5 Ignore All of Their Friends and Family

Ignore All of Their Friends and FamilyPhoto Credit: Portable Graffiti

In my opinion this should not happen but unfortunately it does quite a lot. When people are in love they often wrap all of their attention into that one person and ignore all of their friends and family. Then when they experience any relationship problems they expect the other people, who they have not contacted for a while, to be there for them. This is crazy because when you are in love you should not ditch everyone close to you.

4 Smile Continuously Even when Alone

Smile Continuously Even when AlonePhoto Credit: TIO...

Now on a more positive note, people in love are known to smile crazily whilst alone. To everyone else they appear a bit crazy but what do they care when they are in love and happy. In my opinion they should carry on smiling.

3 Move in Together after Only a Couple of Months

Move in Together after Only a Couple of MonthsPhoto Credit: Dan Anderson (traveling)

Quite a few people decide only after a couple of months of dating to move in together, sometimes things work out for the best and other times it does not. In my opinion moving in together too quickly can cause problems because you still do not know each other properly and are getting to know one another. Also there is a lot of added pressure placed onto your relationship.

2 Rush into a Sexual Relationship

Rush into a Sexual RelationshipPhoto Credit: moemoechi

A lot of people are known to rush into a sexual relationship when they have only known each other for a short amount of time. All sensible thoughts rush out of their minds and they go turn crazy. Again this is good if the relationship lasts afterwards.

Jane LOL #3 and #1 = craziness, mostly #1....

1 Tattoo Their Partners Name on Them

Tattoo Their Partners Name on ThemPhoto Credit: ?Denise A. Wells?

When their mind is flustered by lovey dovey thoughts they suddenly decide to tattoo their partners name on some part of their body. In my opinion this is all well and good if they stay together afterwards but it causes a lot of problems if they break up, the pain of having a tattoo removed is worse than having one done.

There you have 9 crazy things people do when they’re in love. Some of these items are the crazy bad things that we are known to do when in love and the others are the good and happy crazy things that we do. Hopefully now you will be able to look for these signs and work out whether you are in love.

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