8 Non-Verbal Ways Men Use to Express Their Love ...


A man doesn’t have the need to say “I love you” every half an hour, right? In fact, sometimes we even think they wouldn’t even remember to tell us that if it wasn’t for us to remind them. However, they do tell us how much they love us every day, they just use non-verbal signs we often fail to read. So, here’s how men demonstrate love:

1. They Hold Our Hand and Hug Us in Public

Next time you go out with friends have in mind what I’ve just told you and you’ll see. He won’t make a big deal out of this so the chances are you never noticed this before. He’ll take your hand or casually put his arm around you without even stopping to take a breath before continuing the conversation he’s having. Yes, it doesn’t sound like much but this is not an automatic movement – this means he didn’t zone out or forgot you’re sitting next to him. He’s thinking that you’re probably bored because he’s doing all the talking and this is his way to make it up to you and show you that he didn’t leave you all alone.

They Remember Things We Told Them
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