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8 Non-Verbal Ways Men Use to Express Their Love ...

By Jelena

A man doesn’t have the need to say “I love you” every half an hour, right? In fact, sometimes we even think they wouldn’t even remember to tell us that if it wasn’t for us to remind them. However, they do tell us how much they love us every day, they just use non-verbal signs we often fail to read. So, here’s how men demonstrate love:

Table of contents:

  1. they hold our hand and hug us in public
  2. they remember things we told them
  3. they dress up the way we like
  4. they kiss our forehead
  5. they mess up our hair
  6. he does your chores when you’re sick or tired
  7. he eat your feast-gone-wrong
  8. he tries to solve the problems you have

1 They Hold Our Hand and Hug Us in Public

Next time you go out with friends have in mind what I’ve just told you and you’ll see. He won’t make a big deal out of this so the chances are you never noticed this before. He’ll take your hand or casually put his arm around you without even stopping to take a breath before continuing the conversation he’s having. Yes, it doesn’t sound like much but this is not an automatic movement – this means he didn’t zone out or forgot you’re sitting next to him. He’s thinking that you’re probably bored because he’s doing all the talking and this is his way to make it up to you and show you that he didn’t leave you all alone.

2 They Remember Things We Told Them

He remembers you told him to take out the trash, your broken hairdryer is fixed even though you didn’t ASK him to do it but merely commented the hairdryer just died. If you ever commented you like hoop earrings or animal prints, he’ll do his best to remember that and use that information the next time he goes shopping for a gift. The thing he has chosen for you might not be what you had in mind but, hey, you got to give a man some credit for remembering something you said and probably completely forgot about by now.

3 They Dress up the Way We like

He knows you love the way that blue shirt fits him and he’ll probably wear it the next time you two decide to dress up and go out somewhere special. He’ll definitely ask you what to wear and gladly accept all suggestions. Ask him if you want, he’ll tell you that his only preoccupation is for you to like his outfit.

4 They Kiss Our Forehead

A kiss on the forehead is the best kiss a man could ever give you and I’m sure you get a lot of those from your loved one. Angels should be kissed on this place and he knows that. This kiss means, “I love you”, it means that you are his girl and it means that right in this moment, you’re giving him one of those looks that could make him travel the galaxy just to get that one perfect star to give you.

5 They Mess up Our Hair

We interpret this as “ruining our hairstyle” while they see it as an act of intimacy. So, the next time he reaches for your head, don’t pull yourself out of his hug. Let him express his love for you in this non-verbal way and deal with your hairstyle later. Men often forget we care so much about our hair so your loved one may misinterpret your sudden “diversion tactic” as an emotional stop sign.

6 He Does Your Chores when You’re Sick or Tired

He’ll wash the dishes or get involved in the adventure of ironing the clothes, not because he wants to show you that he noticed you didn’t do the jobs you were supposed to but because he wants to make things easier for you. So, don’t get mad at him or jump to take care of those things, let him finish what he has started. He won’t jump to hold you and kiss you but opt for silent but more useful and more efficient way to demonstrate his love – by doing things so you don’t have to do them later.

7 He Eat Your Feast-gone-wrong

Yup, he’ll eat it and say it’s great even if you’re well aware of the fact that your meal didn’t turn out as good as it usually does. So what if it’s a little bit burned on the top – he likes it when it’s crunchy! Okay, your sweet doesn’t look as good as usual but it tastes as good as it always does! You see, you have nothing to worry about! He’ll even eat an extra portion just to show you how much he likes it!

8 He Tries to Solve the Problems You Have

We can over react and make an “elephant out of a mouse” and our stronger halves are usually the ones to calm us down and solve the problem in a way only they can – silently and without too much fuss. He’ll hug you and tell you to calm down because it’s not so big of a deal and, once you’re calm and OK, he’ll get down to fixing the thing/ appliance you broke or messed up.

So, you see, ladies – they don’t have to say it, they show it and mean it! Now, when you know these things, tell me which non-verbal ways your man uses to show that he loves you?

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