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7 Love Lessons I've Learned from ABC's the Bachelorette

By Heather

Guess what, stalkers? All Women Stalk has a hot guest post up at ABC! Do any of you ladies watch ABC's The Bachelorette? I've been obsessed with it forever, and that got me thinking, what love lessons have I learned from the show? There's no question that both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette brings up some definite dos and don'ts when it comes to love and dating. You'll have to head to ABC's Bachelorette site to see those tops, but for now there are some very important lessons about love and dating you ought to check out. I've got everything, from tips on how to loosen up to advice on how to really focus on your boyfriend or girlfriend – all learned from the many bachelors and bachelorettes showcased on ABC! So, all you lovers of love and dating, take a look below for some fantastic love lessons that I've learned from The Bachelorette!

1 Loosen up

One thing that guys love about girls – and vice versa – is the way that they can loosen up – so why not do it? If you are wound up tight that you're not willing or comfortable enough to try anything new and fresh, it could be a total turn off! So try to act a little crazy and really stand out if you want to impress someone – the object of your affection will definitely appreciate it, and probably do the same for you! Just remember, don't go too overboard – just think about some of the crazy tactics some people have used to get a rose!

2 It's Okay to Move Fast … Sometimes

Sometimes it's okay to move fast! This is by far one of the biggest love lessons that I've learned from the Bachelorette. After all, sometimes you only have a short amount of time to really make an impression. Sometimes I get so caught up keeping things slow, I forget that when the connection and chemistry are there, it's okay to act on it. It all comes down to what your instincts are telling you.

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3 Don't Be Too Guarded

This goes hand-in-hand with the “loosen up” love lesson. Being extremely guarded makes it really hard for anyone to get to know the real you or to really understand everything about you. Instead, try to let your guard down a little bit and give your date a chance to know you. I'm sure you won't be disappointed!

4 Talk about the Future

In The Bachelorette and even The Bachelor, there isn't usually a whole lot of talk about the future right? You have to make time to talk about it! You don't want to let a guy into your life and then suddenly learn that your values, plans, and goals are completely different. Talk about the future and really lay out your plans for that potentially special someone! This is definitely a love lesson that I've learned to use!

5 Focus on Your Special Someone

Don't let all of the distractions in life get in the way of what you two have. After all, you are made for one another, right? Focus in on your new significant other, because then the connection and the chemistry between the two of you has a chance to really blossom!

6 Let Go of the past

You don't have to dwell on the past, it's time to just let it go. Just because you've been burned or you have an ex who is a complete tool doesn't mean that Mr. or Ms. Right is going to be the same. Let go of your past and you'll see just how liberating it is!

7 Enjoy Every Moment

Finally, just enjoy every moment that you and your boyfriend or girlfriend have together! If you are constantly fighting, constantly at one another, or constantly just nit-picking, stop. You love, or at least like, each other for a reason. Concentrate on the good qualities each of you possess and your time together will be so much more special!

There you have it, the top love lessons that I've learned right from The Bachelorette! Have you ever seen the show? Not only is there a lot to learn, whether you're looking for dating dos or dating don'ts, but it's also wicked entertaining! And don't forget to check out our post on – we've got a guest blog detailing all those oh so important dos and don'ts, you know you want to take a peek!

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