In "Love" with the Beatles ...

The Beatles were all about love. I'm an enormous fan and even I can't count how many of their songs were directly about love, contained "love" in the title, or at least alluded to that all important, all encompassing emotion. You know who might know? Grant Woolard, who just became one of my personal heroes. He's got a new video that's gone so viral, it's spreading like ... well, like a virus, all throughout the internet. It's so awesome, so clever, and so ingenious that it's completely messed up my metaphor machine, and that's the best description of a viral video I was able to create. That's gotta say something, right?
Grant created a Beatles Love Mashup, and it's pure genius. You don't even have to like the Fab Four to enjoy this video; all you need is love is a love of music. Grant -- who is also responsible for the National Anthem Mashup that surged last month -- performs the medley by himself. He's responsible for the music, the vocals, and the video, which is just beyond words, so I'll let it speak for itself:

There are 22 Beatles' songs represented in this video, stalkers. Do you know which ones they are? Comment with your answers, let's see if we can get all 22 of them!

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