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8 Most Sob-Worthy Songs from Animated Movies ...

By Lyndsie

I am such a sucker for animated movies – not Pixar, no, no. I mean cartoons. I grew up on some of the most classic Disney films, and my parents introduced me to movies that came before my time but still ripped out my living, beating five year old heart (The Fox and the Hound). There were movies that made me cry every time I watched them – so I wanted to watch them over and over again (ahem, The Fox and the Hound). Looking back, with some of these movies, the heart wrenching soundtracks were what moved me the most. I was a music lover before I even knew it. So come on a little trip down nostalgia road with me, as I reintroduce you to some of the most sob-worthy songs from animated movies.

1 “Somewhere out There” – an American Tail
This movie ripped my heart into pieces, to the point where I actually cannot watch it anymore. Fievel is practically Dickensian. I know that … what, Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram sang the big super radio version but, um, eff them. For me, it's always been about Fievel and Tanya. Those tiny little voices! Augh!

2 “Someone's Waiting for You” – the Rescuers
Oh man. Oh man, oh man, oh man. I had a selection of Disney stories on tape – you could listen to them and your parents, if they were awesome, could read along. This was one of the stories I had, and this song was on there, and it killed me every time. Penny and Miss Bianca and Bernard, they're just … this is what Disney movies are made of, y'all. And Rescuers Down Under can totally bite it. Jeez, I still hate Medusa.

3 “God Help the Outcasts” – the Hunchback of Notre Dame
This movie came at a time in my life – adolescence, ugh – where the film, and this song especially, made a huge impact on me. I mean, “God help the outcasts, hungry from earth,” really? That was me, man! Okay, so I wasn't an oppressed gypsy or an ostracized humpback, but the sheer longing in this song always, always brought a tear to my eye. It was maybe the only time I liked Esmeralda.

4 “if We Hold on Together” – the Land before Time
This movie, this movie! It was such a big movie in my tiny little world, and it introduced my entire second grade class to Diana Ross. This is still one of my favorite songs, and it's part of the reason I hate every single sequel ever tacked onto this franchise. I'm sorry, but the heartbreak of this movie makes it the only one that counts. Lyric that always makes me choke up: “Live believing/ Dreams are for weaving/ Wonders are waiting to start/ Live your story.” After that, I'm done.

5 “Flying Dreams Lullaby” – the Secret of NIMH
What makes this so heartbreaking and sob-worthy is that it's actually supposed to be comforting. I mean, it's a lullaby. I used to make my mom sing it to me over and over. I was too young to realize that, you know, it's being sung to Timmy because he is DYING. No!

6 “do You Remember Me?” – Snoopy, Come Home!
In spite of the fact that this came out an entire decade before I was born, it didn't matter, because around the holidays, the Snoopy movies and specials were everywhere. Lots of them were sad, but this movie, and this song, was just so sad. So sad. Like, really, Schultz? A poor little dying girl? But she doesn't die, so that's good. It's just, they had to put her letter to music and make every child ever cry.

7 “Wherever You Are” – Pooh's Grand Adventure
Oh Pooh. Pooh was always good for a cry, but never more than here. He and Christopher Robin broke my heart so much. SO MUCH! I mean, I felt Pooh's loneliness to the depths of my soul – do you know how debilitating that is as a child?

8 “Baby Mine” – Dumbo
Dumbo is maybe the saddest movie in all of life. I'm such a momma's girl, I'm a total sucker whenever a baby loses its mom. The fact that this song dictates their last, sweet moments together kills me. This is another one of my books on tape, as well, and another lullaby my mom used to sing me – until it started bringing me to tears every single time I heard it.

I kind of teared up just writing this, actually. No lie, ever YouTube search broke my heart a little bit. I'd forgotten all about The Rescuers until now – how did I forget about Miss Bianca and Bernard?! I love, though, how little reminiscences like this can take me straight back to my childhood. These are my most sob-worthy songs from animated movies. What soundtracks or single tracks still make you cry?

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