7 Cute Symbols of a Relationship ...


7 Cute Symbols of a Relationship ...
7 Cute Symbols of a Relationship ...

In any good relationship, it's not the material things, but the small things that really make you stay in love. You don't need anything extravagant, you just need a little something every now and then that reminds you that the person you're with loves you just as much as you love them. The following are the 7 cutest symbols that someone can give you in a relationship...

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Promise Rings

That's right men, it doesn't need to be a big diamond or a life long commitment before you're ready. A promise ring shows that you do plan on making your significant other a permanent part of your life without rushing into marriage or an engagement. It doesn't have to be anything super flashy or too showy, just a little something to put on their finger that gets them used to having a ring there.


Love Letters

I know sending a letter in this day and age seems a little ridiculous when you could send a text or an email, but taking the time to write and send a letter is a lot more personal. Anyone can shoot off a quick email listing the reasons why they love someone, but not many people would go through all the trouble that a real letter takes. So take a few minutes out of your day, stamp a letter and send it out!


The Mix Tape

The Mix Tape Photo Credit: LC Photography

I know, I know, it doesn't have to be a tape, since not many people have tape players anymore anyway. Just take a minute to sit down in front of your computer, compile a song list and either put it on their iPod when they aren't looking or burn it onto a CD. It's very cute and small and it really only takes a few minutes.


A List (of Things You Love about Them)

A List (of Things You Love about Them) Photo Credit: Ayumi?Turquoise

For someone that's really in love, it's not very hard for you to think about reasons why you love the person you're with. So why not sit down and write them out all nice and neatly. Then, fold up the paper and put it somewhere they'll find it later. Like in their wallet or under their pillow. It's very sweet and will bring a smile to your special someone's face.


Love Songs

Love Songs Photo Credit: doctor paradox

Write a song, dedicate a song or come up with a song that you and the person you're with can identify as your song. Make sure that it's something romantic or sweet or something that you both like a lot. That way anytime they hear it, they'll think of you. Maybe you could even put it on their mix tape!


Matching Tattoos

Matching Tattoos Photo Credit: kk+

Matching Tattoos DO NOT have to be your names tattooed on the other person in the same script. Tattoos are for life, so if you're going in for something that matches, you have to be sure that the tattoo is of something that you both like. For you, maybe a little heart behind your ear or a quote that you both love. It doesn't matter what you decide to get, just make sure it's something that you BOTH wouldn't mind being stuck with if you were to break up (god forbid).


Claddagh Ring

Claddagh Ring Photo Credit: Just_[von]Bernard

I have one of these, and it means a whole lot. It looks like two hands holding a heart with a crown. And you have to wear it on your right hand with the heart facing towards yourself in order for it to mean that you're in a relationship. If you're using it as an engagement or wedding band you put it on the left hand. Facing outward it means you're engaged, facing inward means that you're married. Be sure that when you give or receive this ring that you wear it correctly.

Well ladies, I've given you my list of the cutest symbols in a relationship, what do you think? What are some other things that you can think of that are cute and small that make a big difference? Let me know down below!

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This is cute, i had no idea there were so many meaning to how a claddagh ring was worn!

i like "M!X TAPE"....thmkz 4 d author

I have my own Claddagh ring, but I bought it for myself because I'm Irish and it's just such an Irish tradition. When I was in my last relationship though, I would write love notes to my boyfriend every day for him to read, and he kept them all! We both traded love songs for each other and eventually I put them all on a mix cd for part of his Christmas present.

I'm half irish and the claddagh ring is a traditional irish ring, in fact men wear them too. Usually it is given as a coming of age gift, my sister got one for her 18th birthday =)

I love that ring it's so beautiful!

When my boyfriend went on a snowboardvacation he gave me a big envelop with 10 little letters in it, one letter for each day he was gone so that I wouldn't miss him too much. Also he left me a view recordings of his voice, him telling a story for me to listen to before i went to bed. His voice calms me. The recordings were my idea actually, because i love his voice!

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