9 Unique Places to Hide a Love Letter ...


9 Unique Places to Hide a Love Letter ...
9 Unique Places to Hide a Love Letter ...

Writing love letters is a great way to express how you feel to your partner. It is something of a lost art, because so few people bother anymore. Not only is it a great idea to pen a note to your lover, but hiding it is half the fun and has a huge impact on the surprise. Here are 9 unique places you can hide a love letter, to create the biggest effect!

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Under a Pillow

Now, it's commonplace to leave a love letter on the bed beside your sleeping partner. Slipping it under a pillow, however, means it may take longer to find. Unless the paper rattles, who's going to look under a pillow by rote? It will come as a huge surprise – and may even gift the recipient with sweet dreams!


In a Locker

Naturally, this works in high school, but that's not the only place. If your lover works at a place where he or she has a locker, then slipping the note there is a great idea. Your partner won't expect it at all. If he or she has a friend at work, you can even ask for help, providing you can't visit and get to the lockers yourself.


Under a Windshield Wiper

This option, while highly romantic, only works on certain kinds of days. Naturally, you shouldn't try this when it's raining or snowing. Otherwise, finding your lover's car when he or she is working, shopping, in class, or even when the car is sitting in the driveway, are all ideal times to deliver a love letter, because it's the first thing your partner will see upon getting in the car.


In a Pocket

A coat pocket, a pants' pocket, a shirt pocket: if you know what your lover is going to be wearing the next day, slip your note in a pocket. He or she is sure to find it at some point throughout the day, and it will come as a huge surprise. Imagine slipping your hand into your pocket for your wallet or some spare change, and instead finding a love note from your partner!


Wrapped around a Toothbrush

Any letter placed here is sure to be found at some point during the day. After all, every dentist recommends brushing your teeth at least twice a day! Another plus is that this is one of the last places anyone expects to find a love letter!


Inside a Coffee Cup

Now, naturally, you want to do this pre-coffee. However, again, who is going to expect finding a love letter in their coffee cup? Mind, if your lover eschews coffee and drinks juice instead, or makes a smoothie every morning, you can substitute the receptacle for whatever your partner uses!


Under a Door

Slipped under an office door, the front door, a bedroom door, or even the bathroom door, a love letter always comes a surprise. You can do it while you know your lover is around to find it, or slip it under a door while he or she is gone, so your partner can find it upon returning.


On the TV Screen

Sure, this is kind of a glaringly obvious place, but hey, at least you can be sure your partner will see it, right? If you're otherwise unsure about whether or not your partner will find your love letter, sometimes you just can't be subtle!


Under a Mouse

Now, me, I am on my computer all the time. If the Better Half wants me to know something, emailing me is the best way … or slipping a note under my mouse! It can be easily hidden there, but a letter will also be easily found as soon as I check to figure out why exactly my mouse isn't working the way it should!

So there you have it, some unique ideas about where to hide a love letter! Do you have any other ideas you're willing to share? Do you still write love letters to your partner?

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How innovative. Too bad I can't use any of these ideas (yet).

I keep them folded in his billfold or office file.

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