8 Tips on Writing Love Letters ...


8 Tips on Writing Love Letters ...
8 Tips on Writing Love Letters ...

Love letters are not only fun to receive, but also to write. If you’ve never written one to your beloved and don’t know where to begin, then the following 8 tips on writing love letters might come in handy. These tips should also work for those who feel they aren’t good at writing love letters. Each tip provides information on little things you can do to help your letter get the reaction you are looking for.

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Begin with Elegant Stationary

Great stationary is a perfect starting point with any letter, especially a love letter. It doesn’t have to be all froofry and covered in hearts to be considered for love letter stationary. Just make sure it is nice looking. Avoid writing a love letter on a piece of notebook paper that has a ring from your coffee cup. If you are able to be creative with that coffee cup stain, then go for it. However, starting with fresh and even somewhat elegant stationary will show you care, right from the start.


Don’t Be Formal and Dry in the Letter

After all, this is a letter filled with your heart and is to be read by the person you love the most. A love letter shouldn’t be boring. Write how you feel and write the way you would say it; with lots of feeling. Toss in some humor if you think it will be appreciated. Humor and romance can easily go hand in hand. It’s all in how you present it.


Include Reasons Why You Love This Person so Much

People love hearing how much they are loved and why. The answer, ‘Because I do’ isn’t always enough. Be specific. An example might be, ‘I love you because you can make me laugh’ or ‘I love you because you notice even the little things that I do’. If you can think of more than just a couple, then that’s a great start. I think the more reasons you can put in the letter the better it will be.


Insert a Special Something with the Letter

Maybe you have a pressed flower that was collected when you two had a picnic in the park one summer day. If you have a special scent that you constantly wear and can be recognized by, then sprinkle a little on the stationary before sealing the letter. Apply some lipstick and kiss the envelope. This might be an odd one for a guy to do to a love letter, but I sure would chuckle if my husband handed me a love letter with his lipsticked kiss on it!


Write as Neat as Possible

I have somewhat sloppy penmanship, even when I try my hardest. This is why I resort to typing my letters. However, thanks to the many types of fonts available on the computer, I can change the font to one that resembles beautiful scrolling script. There are calligraphy pens that can be used to make lettering look extremely elegant. If you know how to form the letters just right, you can construct a love letter that looks as if it was written long ago. Writing with calligraphy pens takes a lot of practice, but it can be done by anyone.


Add in Your Favorite Poem or Romantic Line from Someone Famous

I’ve always been fond of a quote by E. Joseph Cossman: Love is a friendship set to music. If you are poetic enough to come up with your own personal love quote, then add it in with your letter. This might actually mean more to your loved one. Maybe there is a romantic movie that you both saw together and are constantly quoting from. I remember when the movie Jerry Maguire came out in the mid-1990s and everyone one thought the phrase ‘You had me at hello’ was worthy of being quoted constantly.


Use Lots of Adjectives when Writing and Be as Descriptive as Possible

What sounds better, ‘I miss being near you’ or ‘My heart aches as a result of your absence’? I’m sure you can come up with quite a few creative ways to express your feelings. Adjectives are some of the most amazing forms of language. They help to create some of the most fantastic images ever. For instance, a beating heart and a throbbing heart conjure up different images for me.


Set the Mood for Writing a Love Letter

Listen to love songs or sit and write in a place that makes you think of your beloved. Whether you are writing a simple love note or a salacious piece of work, set the mood for the type of letter you are trying to come up with. Creativity is the key to an excellent love letter. I find that classical music helps me to think more clearly and writing comes easier when I listen to the wordless melodies.

I hope these 8 tips on writing love letters are useful in your endeavor. Sometimes it helps to write a practice letter and go from there. Jot down all your ideas and brainstorm for a bit before trying to get all your words to fall into the right places. Have you successfully written a love letter in the past? Why do you think it was such a big success? Feel free to add on some love letter writing tips that you think others might be able to use.

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