10 Ways to Show Your Love


10 Ways to Show Your Love
10 Ways to Show Your Love

Showing your partner – or your best friend, or your mom or dad, or anyone special to you – is important. You don't always need words or big, overt gestures to do it, either. Sometimes old standards work beautifully and sometimes it pays to try something new and innovative instead. Here are 10 ways to show your love that might pique your interest.

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Flowers may be a standard choice, but they are still a great way to show your love for just about anybody. Sure, flowers die, but choosing your loved one's favorite flowers and surprising him or her is still a fantastic way to show you care. You can always go with silk flowers as well, if you want them to last forever.


A Love Letter

You might think this option only works for a boyfriend or girlfriend, a lover, a partner, a spouse – and it is certainly great for romantic partners. However, a little change in tone and content, and you can write a letter to show your love to your BFF as well, your favorite cousin, your mom, your grandfather. Dropping a letter to let someone know you care is an excellent idea, and it often means so very much.


A Game

You can make a game out of things, perhaps by leaving little post-it notes that contain hints leading to … oh, anything, really! This is great for a romantic treat. Your hints can be things like, “Where did we go for our first date?” or “The place where you lost your shoe on Valentine's Day.” You know, things that are special to the two of you.


Plan a Surprise

Sometimes the unexpected is great. This, too, works for anyone you love. It could be any kind of surprise, big or small. Either way, going to the effort of planning it and discovering what will really please your loved one will always go over well.


Draw a Bubble Bath

Sometimes, the little thing means the most. Say your partner has had a really hard day. The best way to combat that, to make it better, is to have a bubble bath waiting for him or her. Fill it with his or her favorite scents, use some candles, and ready yourself for some serious back washing to help the awful day melt away.


Breakfast in Bed

This is a great option for your partner as well. It's especially great when you both have a day off and get to spend some time together. Remember to make his or her favorite things – and don't sneak in the bedroom too early!


Special Dinner

This option, however, works for anyone you love. For instance, it always means a lot for my mom when, while visiting, I make sure to have her favorite meal on the table when she gets home from work. The best part is getting to sit down and eat together.


Hide Notes

Not quite the same as love letter, hiding little notes in the pockets of someone you love is a great idea. You don't even necessarily have to write words. A heart with your initials, a little drawing to make your partner smile … there are so many options here, and you can hide the note anywhere: under a windshield wiper, in a pocket, in a cell phone.


Put Together a Picture Album

This will also work for anyone you care about, and it's a really thoughtful idea. Put together an album containing photos of all your best memories. This is an excellent gift idea as well, but it's even better to do it just because.


Dance like No One's Watching

Lastly, this one's just for you and your love. Be spontaneous; play your favorite song some night, and draw him or her into your arms. Dance together, just be together, and say “I love you” without words.

There are so many ways to let the people you care about know you love them. These are really just a few. What are your favorite ways to show your love?

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Love the game!! I always do these to my family on Christmas and Easter. They get seriously mad when they can't figure it out. But when they finally do, they LOVE it.

I love all these ideas:)

Love letter.....is always my choice.

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