Your Guide to Matters of the Heart ...

Sheila Your Guide to Matters of the Heart ... Your Guide to Matters of the Heart ...

Oh love! You're damned if you do, damned if you don't. Whether you're single or in a relationship or just going through a breakup, the games of the heart always baffle and confuse. I can't tell you how many times I have wished for a love guide of some sort, someone to tell me the truth as it is, someone who'd make me see what I was too afraid to admit, someone like Chiara of!

Chiara Mazzucco is from Los Angeles, CA and has made it her life's purpose to enlighten women everywhere about love, sex and relationships through her amazing website, She's a real life Carrie Bradshaw of sorts and her style is engaging, hilariously blunt and brutally funny and her words are true. You can't help but love her!

I'm not saying there is no thing such as a happy relationship. If you're lucky enough to be in one, cherish it forever. But for most of us love has always been that elusive mystery, difficult to understand, harder to attain. When you're single, you spend all your time looking for the "perfect man" when perfection simply doesn't exist. When you're in a relationship, you settle, assuring yourself that you are happy even if you know that you deserve better. Then there are the different kinds of wonderful men we end up with: the physical abuser, the emotional abuser, the jealous fool and the cheater to name a few. Last but not least, comes the breakup that leaves you wondering how can a sweet word like love be the reason for so much heartache?! And how can you protect your heart from all this unwanted pain? Give Chiara a chance to open your eyes!

I'd like to think of as a sacred love bible full of enriching and funny posts on sex, dating, relationships, breakups and self improvement. and it's not just for the aching single soul or the unhappy woman in a relationship. Check it out even if you are in a dream relationship because when it comes to love, there is no thing such as too much knowledge.

Some of my favorite posts on ChiaraSays include:

β€’ Women: Why Do You Get So Attached?

Yes I am guilty of getting attached to the wrong guy on more than one occasion and I'm sure many of you have been there too. I love that Chiara not only talks about what makes us the way we are but also what we can do to change that.

β€’ Reason #4 He's Cheating on you Right Now

Isn't this the biggest problem when it comes to love? The possibility that no matter who you're with and how wonderful he seems, there's always that chance that he may cheat on you. Is there something you can do? Chiara says there is! I can't wait for the other three reasons.

P.S: I love being told that my vagina is magical! =D

β€’ How to Have Sexy Sex

Because you can always do things to make sexy time sexier!

There's also an AskChiara section where you can ask questions, doubts or post problems that need Chiara's personal attention.

If you love as much as I did (which I know you will), also check out her fabulous book on love, The 9 Mirages of Love: How to Stop Chasing What Doesn’t Exist. It deals with topics like dealing with cheaters, letting go of your past, breaking up and everything else you need to know about love. Written in her usual witty funny style, it's not only full of valuable advice but also makes for a fantastic read!

Love isn't easy but Chiara will help you be better prepared for the next time love comes knocking at your door. It is exactly the reality slap you've been craving and you need to go check it out right now!

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What if I have no experiences to learn from? I am almost 20 and have never been on a date. I get a lot of anxiety about my inexperience and worry that it will make me clingy.

just checked out the website and must say i have never read something so relatable and helpful!!!! i absolutely lover her blunt advice which just makes so much of sense and its really nice to have a reality slap instead of the mushy b.s we all recieve!!

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