15 Celebrities with the Most Beautiful Legs ...

Forget all about muscled pecs, six-pack abs, C-cups or tiny waists. Both men and women have a particular body part which makes a member of the opposite sex more attractive to them.

But let's take a look at what men and women perceive to be the perfect set of gams.

According to an article from WomenDiary.net:
…women and men differ in what they view as the perfect female leg. Men look for shapely, solid thighs and chunky calves, but women see thin and lean as more attractive.

Dr Aric Sigman, who conducted the study, said: “For men, the ideal leg is shapely, full and smooth with a semi-gloss sheen. Women want the same thing - only two sizes smaller.”

So here's the list of the best set of stems that you can find in celebs. Taking into consideration the fact that both sexes have a different set of standards when it comes to what makes the perfect legs, we divided the list into two:

Men's Top List:

1. Jennifer Aniston

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She may not be playing Rachel Greene anymore, but men think that Jennifer Aniston's legs are the ultimate set of gams that they can lay their eyes on. From the Braun study, Jen seemed to have a lot of male "Friends" who gave her high marks for having ideal proportions and silky skin.

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