7 Perfect Fall Photo Poses ...


7 Perfect Fall Photo Poses ...
7 Perfect Fall Photo Poses ...

I don't know about you, but pictures are one of my biggest loves in life. To me, a picture is so much more than some faces on a certain day long ago, but rather a memory, a laugh, a smile, a tear, a special moment to be talked about and passed from generation to generation. With autumn here and leaves changing colors and falling, it is one of the best times to be outside taking pictures of your family to cherish for years to come. Here are several poses and candid moments to look for next time you are out taking a stroll.

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A Walk in the Park

A Walk in the Park Photo Credit: jscanzoni

Capture the beauty of love for each other and for the beauty around you. Take a picture of a couple holding hands and walking through the leaves, or even a family sharing a moment while walking. This is a pose that is good both posed and candid, so snap away.


Bed of Leaves

Bed of Leaves Photo Credit: ranzino

Catch your kids having fun in a pile of leaves and snap a picture of them! Variations for this pose include lying in the leaves looking up at the camera, throwing the leaves up in the air, and burying under the leaves with only their faces exposed.


Windy Day, Windy Hair

Windy Day, Windy Hair Photo Credit: f. prestes

Who says you have to be a supermodel to get your picture taken with your hair blowing? Grab a friend on a sunny, windy day and head outside to get glamorous with the wind tossing your hair as you smile into the trees!


Catch a Falling Leaf and Put It in a Photo...

Catch a Falling Leaf and Put It in a Photo... Photo Credit: Danz in Tokyo

Photograph your children catching leaves falling from the trees.


Something is out of Place

Something is out of Place Photo Credit: Starr Crow

Use one prop - something that will appear out of place - like a couch in the middle of a fall colored field. Then pose everyone on or around it, and there you go!



Simple Photo Credit: Lisa | Redfern Photography

There is something to be said about simplicity. A plain yet beautiful pose to try is to have the family sit on the ground or stand by a tree and take the picture. There are so many different poses that can be done, so just use your imagination!


Climb, Climb up...

Climb, Climb up... Photo Credit: Captured Soul Photography

Got a rowdy boy who loves to climb? Take a photo of your boy hanging from a tree or sitting on a low branch. This will give you close up access to the beautiful leaves too!

Top Photo Credit: just.K

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