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By Lyndsie

Have you ever had a down kind of day? Nothing horrible goes wrong but you feel a little blue, a little melancholy; things upset you for no real reason and you just can't shake a lingering feeling of sadness. I think everyone has days like that, and today was mine. Do you know what's amazing? Finding a trending topic, of all things, that can bring a smile to your face and kill that feeling that you've had your own special rain cloud following you around all day. In light of recent acts of bullying and their ensuing tragedies, in light of many negative things that have been happening around the world lately, today's hot trending topic is one that I think everyone can appreciate and, hopefully, agree with: Everyone Is Beautiful.

Surprisingly often, Twitter ends up trending something really hopeful. The phrase "Everyone Is Beautiful" is one of the biggest trends on the social media network today, with users tweeting and RTing sentiments like "Everyone Is Beautiful in their own way" and "Everyone Is Beautiful to someone." People are showing their genuine sides by insisting that beauty has nothing to do with the way you look, the makeup you use, or the clothes you wear. They're linking to videos like "Born This Way" and "Raise Your Glass." In the same spirit, I thought I'd share a song that always reminds me of why I'm beautiful, and why I should never make anyone else feel like they aren't gorgeous, too:

And in celebration of what's trending today, why do you think everyone is beautiful? How do you define true beauty?

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