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Katie Holmes in Stirrup Tights and Leggings ...

By Mabelle

I absolutely loved Katie Holmes’ Joey character in the series “Dawson’s Creek”. But I don’t know what happened to her fashion sense the day that she married Tom Cruise – or at least, after she’s been living with him for a long time.

From that bob which made her look like Tom Cruise from the back – to those ugly baggy pants where the hem’s rolled up from the outside, we hardly ever see her in anything glam!
And to add to her list of fashion crimes, we just recently saw Katie wear a fashion no-no (unless you’re 12 – or you’re Lindsay Lohan!) – it’s stirrup tights which she paired with an otherwise fab studded pair of sandals. On top, she had on an okay grey sweater which is layered with a white long-sleeved shirt underneath. She also wore a black mini-skirt – which was fine – but it’s the stirrups which are a definite eyesore.

Check out the closeup of the shoes and the tights. Do you think that it’s an edgy fashion choice, or a fashion no-no?

Photo Credit: The Fashion Police

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