Hottest Pictures of Katherine Heigl

By Sheila โ€ข

Hottest Pictures of Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl is a long legged beauty who also has the wonderful ability of connecting with the audience emotionally. Sheโ€™s outspoken,honest and funny all at the same time. In short, we think this actress is the real deal! Josh Kelley is definitely one lucky guy!
Lingerie has never looked sexier! We love that lingerie in black on that perfectly toned body! Katherine sizzles the screen with this one. What a perfect picture to start this list off with...
Katherine is among the few contemporary actresses who can carry off **old world style **with mucho ease. We love that hairdo, the dark lips and those eyesโ€ฆthose eyes really mesmerize you donโ€™t they!
We are so used to always seeing Katherine elegantly dressed that at first this picture is hard to swallow. But after a second all we can say is WOW! Katherine looks effortlessly sexyโ€ฆ..almost like a mythical mermaid at sea!
Bronzed body against pure whiteโ€ฆa killer combination that seem to be totally working for Katherine here. With those piercing eyes and that hint of cleavage, this picture is totally H.O.T!
Katherine looks beautiful in this black and white shot. This picture is peaceful, **almost poetic **as if she were waiting for her long lost lover to return. And any picture that evokes thoughts of poetry in us deserves to be on this list!


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