8 Great Ideas for a Photo Shoot with Your Sisters ...

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8 Great Ideas for a Photo Shoot with Your Sisters ...

I have a sister. We are not the closest of sisters since we are into different things and our personalities are not a complete match. I'm not saying that our personalities often clash but we have found a perfect way to love and find joy in each other. I will follow that sappy statement by saying that I wish, one day, we can do a proper photo shoot. It would be nice to capture the way we are now and have photos to help us remember our youth when we grow old. If you have a sister (or sisters), too, you might want to check out these celebrity sister photos for some photo shoot ideas...

1 Go Vintage

Go Vintage Ack! How adorable are these sisters? Now I am not entirely sure if the dresses they are wearing here are vintage but they do look vintage-inspired. If this is a style that you and your sister fancy, you will have a wonderful time posing for your photos. Here is an even better idea: why don't you borrow some of your mom's old dresses?

2 Go Casual

Go Casual Jeans and day-wear dresses more like your style? Then there is no stopping you and your sister from donning them for your shoot. Add fabulous make-up and subdued background and your photos will surely turn out great.

Delving into the world of Hollywood can sometimes bring with it a host of strong opinions. When it comes to the realm of controversial celebrities, everyone seems to have their own bit to say. Isn't it captivating to see what's behind all the glitz and glamour for these stars?

3 Go Matchy-Matchy

Go Matchy-Matchy I am not keen on this idea because it reminds me of the time when my mother used to dress up my sister and me in matching dresses. I was 4 and my sister was 9. There seems to be a child-like element to the idea though, so you might like it. I bet having matching clothes will make for a photo shoot that is full of laughter.

4 Go Formal-Glam

Go Formal-Glam This idea will include little black dresses, perfect hairstyle, and impeccable makeup. Add a fan to the list if you want hair moving beautifully away from your face. Furry bedspread is optional.

5 Go Costume-y

Go Costume-y How about your national costume? If you don't have access to one, anything that says period clothing will be fun. I could not find other celebrity sisters in costume-y clothes, though, so I am giving you Zooey and Emily again. I am sure you're not complaining because there seems to be no bounds to their adorableness.

6 Go on Location

Go on Location Do you and your sister share a hobby? Do you like to do the same things or go to the same places? You can create a photo shoot around these little facts. Take this restaurant photo of Mary-Kate and Ashley...Drinking coffee in a cafe is actually something my sister and I used to do a lot so we might steal this idea.

7 Go Bare

Go Bare Well, not bare in a way that your parents will not like. A beach-inspired shoot or a shoot IN a beach is always fun so don't dismiss this idea right away. Just go for, uh...classy, okay?

8 Go for Close-Ups

Go for Close-Ups If you and your sister(s) are genetically-blessed then you should go for close-ups. Fun portraits with nothing but your natural beauty shining through are things that you will treasure forever. Sepia or black/white photos for this idea will be perfect.

So there you have 8 photo shoot ideas to have with your sisters. Do you have other concepts in mind? Please do share! Go detailed, too. Tell us ideas on props, locations, makeup, dresses, camera type, and many other things to consider!

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