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14 Hottest Vampires ...

By Sheila

Sometimes I wonder, what if it was all true. What if vampires did exist. Haven't we been seeing way too many vampires onscreen lately? Maybe they're trying to send us a message :p I am not complaining though. I really have a thing for vampires and it's not just because of the Twilight phenomenon. Must be their fangs ;)

Check out my list of the 14 hottest vampires to have ever graced our screens. Stay close my darlings and watch your neck!

Table of contents:

  1. sadie frost as lucy in bram stoker’s dracula
  2. aaliyah as queen akasha in queen of the damned
  3. kellan lutz as emmett in twilight
  4. tom cruise as lestat in interview with a vampire
  5. monica bellucci as dracula's bride in bram stoker’s dracula
  6. ashley greene as alice in twilight
  7. nikki reed as rosalie hale in twilight
  8. brad pitt as louis in interview with a vampire
  9. cam gigandet as james in twilight
  10. stephen moyer as bill on trueblood
  11. salma hayek as santanico pandemonium in from dusk till dawn
  12. kate beckinsale as selene in underworld & underworld:evolution
  13. alexander skarsgard as eric on trueblood
  14. robert pattinson as edward in twilight

14 Sadie Frost as Lucy in Bram Stoker’s Dracula

The hottest vampire list simply has to include the ever bizzare, ever sexual Lucy Westenra. I just love the idea of a society girl turned viscious vampire! It's sinfully delicious...

13 Aaliyah as Queen Akasha in Queen of the Damned

Women with power are hot as hell and this one is the mother of all vampires (quite literally!). Now the movie may have do I put this nicely...CRAPPY but Aaliyah sizzled as Queen Akasha! Right from her stunning face to the exotic costume to the way she fluidly moved from one victim to the next, this queen is hot hot hot!

12 Kellan Lutz as Emmett in Twilight

Some men have an understated, not so obvious hotness about them and then there are some others like Kellan who are in-your-face omg gorgeous! It rarely happens that I like a movie character better than the book but that's exactly what happened with Kellan Lutz as Emmett v/s Emmett from the book.

11 Tom Cruise as Lestat in Interview with a Vampire

Why is evil hot? I'm not ususally a big Cruise fan which is why I was pleasntly surprised by his portrayal of Lestat de Lioncourt. Sure his French accent could have been better but he was believably creepy, evil, sly and downright HOT!

10 Monica Bellucci as Dracula's Bride in Bram Stoker’s Dracula

I have always loved voluptuous Belluci for her luscious, raw sex appeal. And as a vampire (one of Dracula's brides at that) she is all that and so much more! Being a seductress sure does come easy to her.

9 Ashley Greene as Alice in Twilight

Thank God for Alice! Without her I think the Cullen house would have died of boredom. And it's not just her future telling abilities. She's funny and chirpy and so cute! I love her attire in New Moon. It totally suits her spunky personality!

8 Nikki Reed as Rosalie Hale in Twilight

Sure Rosalie acts like she has a stick up her...sometimes all the time but she has her reasons. Of all the vampire women in Twilight, I think she's easily the prettiest and most regal. And I love Rosalie with Emmett. I guess opoosites do attract :p

7 Brad Pitt as Louis in Interview with a Vampire

Aww a gentleman vampire! How cute! He refuses to kill humans, lives for the happiness of a little girl and looks irresistible....even with rat blood on his face. What else could you want?

6 Cam Gigandet as James in Twilight

Sure he was evil personified but you know what they say about girls and bad boys. We love them! Atleast I do anyway. So while he was busy throwing Bella around, I was looking into his bloodshot eyes wondering what he tastes like. It's a pity we'll never see him again. Boo.

5 Stephen Moyer as Bill on TrueBlood

I love dark, brooding charcaters with this mysterious aura about them. And as little as I have seen of True Blood, thats exactly what Bill Compton comes across as. Brownie points for being from the world of the undead. Soookie and he seem to be made for each other (onscreen and otherwise.) Here's to one of the hottest vampires alive..err..dead

4 Salma Hayek as Santanico Pandemonium in from Dusk Till Dawn

For starters, I love her name! Santanico Pandemonium... Sure only a stripper or a pornstar could have that name but little do we know that this stripper gets a wee bit blood thirsty when it's dark. The highlight of her perfomance? Dancing seductively with a huge snake around her neck! Screw Shakira. This is the real deal! See snakes don't have to be creepy...

3 Kate Beckinsale as Selene in Underworld & Underworld:Evolution

Selene is not your typical vampire who runs around feeding on humans. And the Underworld movies are not your typical vampire horror movies. What's hotter than a woman in skin-tight leather with a gun? A vampire in skin-tight leather with a gun! Duh :D

2 Alexander Skarsgard as Eric on TrueBlood

What's not to love about a centuries-old former Viking who is now a vampire? And like I said I've only watched a few episodes of True Blood here and there but I know this...Alexander Skarsgard's addition definitely took the sizzle factor up a notch and then some more! Ah! Sookie you lucky lucky girl...

1 Robert Pattinson as Edward in Twilight

I'm trying to go back in time when I first read Twilight and remember why I loved Edward before Pattinson ruined it for me. For starters he really is the ideal man...the kind every woman dreams of ending up with. He's dreamy, poetic, so intense and I would give anything to be loved the way he does Bella. Oh and he glitters in the sun! No I'm not looking for that particular quality in the man of my dreams but it wouldn't hurt ;)
As for Pattinson himself, I love his accent. There! I was nice...
I'm sure I've left out a few of your personal favorites and I'm sorry. It's practically impossible to pick so few from so many. I'm sure you understand ;)

So who's your favorite bloodsucking vampire?

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