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Aren't s**uper heroes super sexy**? Those super powers, those super hot uniforms, those hot looks... I personally love them all! But if I were to choose, I'd probably go with the Catwoman.

And what about you, which super hero would you rather be?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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Batman- Christian Bale

Batman- Christian Bale Super Hero Powers: Agility
Super Hero Uniform: Mask with bat ears. A cape on his back, which allows him to glide and tights. Don’t forget about his utility belt, which has all of his gadgets.
The Sexiest Trait: The way he walks.


Wolverine- Hugh Jackman

Wolverine- Hugh Jackman Super Hero Powers: Healing Factor and Senses
Super Hero Uniform: Sharp Claws, brown with yellow stripe down the middle (modern), all yellow (second modern), white shirt and blue pants.
The Sexiest Trait: Hair and muscles


Mystique- Rebecca Romijn

Mystique- Rebecca Romijn Super Hero Powers: Shapeshifter
Super Hero Uniform: Her body naturally has scales. She also likes wearing a white dress.
The Sexiest Trait: The way she sneaks around.


Sabretooth- Liev Schreiber

Sabretooth- Liev Schreiber Super Hero Powers: Healing factor, beastlike features
Super Hero Uniform: A trench coat.
The Sexiest Trait: The beastlike features that he has.


Sue Storm/ the Invisible Girl- Jessica Alba

Sue Storm/ the Invisible Girl- Jessica Alba Super Hero Powers: Is able to turn invisible
Super Hero Uniform: The black skin tight outfit.
The Sexiest Trait: The way she looks when she goes invisible.


Iron Man- Robert Downey Jr

Iron Man- Robert Downey Jr Super Hero Powers: Intelligence and the suit he wears.
Super Hero Uniform: A Superhuman suit that keeps him alive. Has the capabilities of flying and shooting. It is pretty much indestructible.
The Sexiest Trait: Facial features


Catwoman- Halle Berry

Catwoman- Halle Berry Super Hero Powers: Catlike features such as agility.
Super Hero Uniform: A two piece black outfit and a mask that has cat ears on it.
The Sexiest Trait: The way she walks. It’s so catlike.


Baroness- Sienna Miller

Baroness- Sienna Miller Super Hero Powers: A spy
Super Hero Uniform: Black outfit that hugs her body.
The Sexiest Trait: The movements


Justin Hartley- Green Arrow

Justin Hartley- Green Arrow Super Hero Powers: No powers, but he makes up for it with his ability to aim an arrow.
Super Hero Uniform: Green outfit. Usually seen with a bow and arrow.
The Sexiest Trait: The facial expressions


Jean Grey- Famke Janssen

Jean Grey- Famke Janssen Super Hero Powers: Telepathic
Super Hero Uniform: A long dress.
The Sexiest Trait: Her hair.


Superman- Christopher Reeve

Superman- Christopher Reeve Super Hero Powers: Can fly through the air, shoots lasers out of his eyes, superhuman strength and cannot die unless the kryptonite gets him.
Super Hero Uniform: A big S in the middle with a cape.
The Sexiest Trait: The toughness and the way he likes saving people.


Black Widow- Scarlett Johansson

Black Widow- Scarlett Johansson Super Hero Powers: Agility
Super Hero Uniform: Tight black outfit
The Sexiest Trait: The legs


Wonder Woman- Lynda Carter

Wonder Woman- Lynda Carter Super Hero Powers: Can fly through the air, shoots lasers out of her eyes, superhuman strength

Super Hero Uniform: A red top, short shorts that have white stars on them and a headpiece.
The Sexiest Trait: Her eyes.


Incredible Hulk- Eric Bana

Incredible Hulk- Eric Bana Super Hero Powers: Super duper human strength, indestructible
Super Hero Uniform: Big green muscular “outfit” when he gets mad.
The Sexiest Trait: Muscles all the way!


Silk Spectre II- Malin Akerman

Silk Spectre II- Malin Akerman Super Hero Powers: Strong and powerful
Super Hero Uniform: A revealing black latex outfit with thigh length boots.
The Sexiest Trait: Her hair.

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I definitely agree with no.1.

God! I just love Robert Downey Jr. and my loving husband never seems to be bothered by it, heck he's always had this Wonder Woman thing going on anyway. Well, lately he's been giving me this scary superhero nightmare vision during the day! The Predators! I guess you all know where I am going with this? When I think superhero I think, wow - built, sexy, handsome, physical, someone who can do their own stunts etc. God, well RDJ for one (I dream of him!), Jackman, Reynolds, Bale and the women like Halle Berry, Linda Carter, etc. Then my husband goes, "What about the love God Adrian Brody? I think I want to barf!!! I think he's supposed to be more action-than superhero, right-but gesh where exactly does he fit into this? ICK! My husband says he's the guy the other heroes throw in front of them, so the Predators eat him so that they can all get away. Ok, I can believe that one. He's not handsome, not built, not sexy,not physical, just nothing there. What do you all think really about Brody replacing Arnold??? It is truly confusing me on the weirdness scale.

All wrong, the original Catwoman was smokin' hot hot hot. and i'm a girl saying this. Cheers! Val

Sorry Melanie,but I have got to be the queen of question I guess. Ryan Reynolds wasn't on your list. I don't really consider him a superhero either, but does he have some sort of superhero fetish or something???? Isn't he like 3 superheroes now? Wesley Snipes is wanting to make Blade 4. That is Marvel comics. Hanibal King was one of the superheroes that fought along side Blade in the Comic books. He is making a Deadpool movie - X Men right? Now he is the Green Lantern - DC comics right? That's 3? Is that sort of comic book superhero overkill? Do you think that's strange? ( Robert Downey Jr is doing Iron Man that's a super hero. Sherlock Holmes was an actual set of books they're just focusing more on the action elements. Then he's doing Cowboys and Aliens but I hear Jon Faverau is making that more of a Western. So those are all different.) Should Ryan focus his energies on more different things as well so he's not type cast as a Superhero type star? What do you think Melanie?

My top 3 favorites are Christian Bale in Batman, Sienna Miller as Baroness and Scarlett Johansson but I prefer her blonde:)

I think Robert Downey Jr - Iron Man has so much more going for him as his sexy trait than just his facial features. He does have a truly handsome face with beautiful brown eyes, but he also has a truly sexy body as well. Robert's just a sexy man period. Oh,I think the neatest or greatest catwoman was the late-great Eartha Kitt. She was beautiful and when she talked she even spoke like a cat might. Wow, that woman could even purr. She'll always be the greatest in my eyes.

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