10 Gorgeous Girls of Glee ...

I have to say that, in recent months, I have never enjoyed a TV show as much as I did Glee. This show is entertaining and makes you want to dance often. I am a sucker for choral renditions of pop songs as well so my love for the program certainly knows no bounds. If you enjoy Glee as much as I do, I bet you'd love this little post on the gorgeous girls of the show as well. So read on and be inspired.

1. Lea Michele

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Her full name is Lea Michele Sarfati. She was born in New York and raised in New Jersey. In 1995, when she was only 9, she made her Broadway debut playing Young Cosette in Les Miserables. For her role on Glee, she has won many awards. This includes a Screen Actors Guild Award and a Satellite Award.

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