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10 Best Vampire Movies ...

By Melanie

Who would not love to have a list of 10 best vampire movies? Of course, I am a sucker for horror films and I absolutely love a good vampire movie. Vampires are mystifying creatures of the night who are thirsty for blood, so what’s not to love about them? Below, you are going to find 10 best vampire movies that I have picked out. Before you read the list, can you guess what my number one and two will be?

10 30 Days of Night

Director: David Slade
Genre: Horror
Cast: Josh Hartnett, Melissa George, Danny Huston
In this movie, you will witness an Alaskan town that is plunged into darkness for a month and attacked by vampires who are definitely thirsty for blood.

9 Habit

Director: Larry Fessenden
Genre: Horror
Cast: Larry Fessenden, Meredith Snaider, Aaron Beall
This takes place during autumn in New York. Sam has just broken up with his girlfriend and apart from that, his father has recently died. He is sloppy drunk when he finds temporary solace in the arms of Anna. There is one thing… Anna is a vampire who draws him away from all of his friends into a world of madness.

8 Bram Stroker’s Dracula

Director: Francis Ford Coppola
Genre: Horror
Cast: Gary Oldman, Winona Ryder
A vampire visits England and seduces someone’s fiancé and inflicts havoc on foreign land. This one is a classic and is definitely worth the watch!

7 Interview with the Vampire

Director: Neil Jordan
Genre: Horror
Cast: Brad Pitt, Christian Slater, Tom Cruise
In this famous movie, coming to us from the book Anne Rice wrote, a vampire will be telling a story of his life – Love, loneliness, betrayal and hunger.

6 From Dusk Till Dawn

Director: Robert Rodriguez
Genre: Horror
Cast: Harvey Keitel, George Clooney
A terrifying evil is unleashed in this movie and five strangers are the only ones with the capabilities to stop it. Follow these five strangers through From Dusk Till Dawn. This is a really good movie with some great screenplay that cannot be turned down.

5 Near Dark

Kathryn Bigelow
Genre: Horror
Cast: Adrian Pasdar, Jenny Wright
A young man reluctantly joins in with a group of evil vampires that are traveling around, because the girl he is trying to seduce is part of that group.

4 Nosferatu

Director: F.W. Murnau
Genre: Horror
Cast: Gustav von Wangenheim
This is a silent classic that is based on the story of Dracula. It was produced in 1922, but there is a good story sitting behind it.

3 Blade

Director: Stephen Norrington
Genre: Horror
Cast: Wesley Snipes, Stephen Dorff
This is a must-see movie where a half-vampire, half-mortal becomes a protector of the human race as he is slaying the bad vampires.

2 Twilight

Director: Catherine Hardwicke
Genre: Horror
Cast: Kristen Stewart, Sarah Clarke, Robert Pattinson
A teenage girl, Bella Swan, risks everything when she falls in love with a sparkly vampire, Edward Cullen. Follow these two to see where life and love take them. Will Edward fall for Bella or will he wreak havoc on her heart?

1 New Moon

Director: Chris Weitz
Genre: Horror
Cast: Kristen Stewart, Sarah Clarke, Robert Pattinson
Follow Bella Swan, the Cullens, and Jacob Black as things start to unfold in New Moon. We get to see Jacob’s true side. Is he a vampire or is he something else? What is he? You will only have your questions answered by watching this movie. Will Bella be stuck between Edward and Jacob?

There are many other vampire movies that I wish I could have put on this list. Some of those include Underworld, Van Helsing, Queen of the Damned, Moon Child and many more. In your opinion, what do you think the best vampire movies are? I of course, being a big Twilight fan adore Twilight and New Moon. I can’t wait until Eclipse comes out! Then, Breaking Dawn!

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