10 Best Movies of 2010 ...


10 Best Movies of 2010 ...
10 Best Movies of 2010 ...

2010 was a great year for movies, and I can’t wait to see the Oscar nominations when they come out in a couple of weeks. Some movies were sweet and funny, others were gritty and sad… but all of them were fantastic, thought-provoking, or fun to watch. Here are my picks for the best movies of 2010.

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I can’t overestimate how riveting this movie is, how unlike any other movie I’ve ever seen, how remarkably well it was cast and acted. Even the score is magnificent, flawless. I loved Joseph Gordon-Levitt in this film, and I’m sure it will win Best Picture at the Oscars. Well, not sure, but ALMOST sure.


Despicable Me

I don’t like Steve Carrel… I just don’t think he’s funny. But I absolutely loved him in this. “Despicable Me” is very sweet, and is actually a lot like “Megamind,” only in my view, a lot better. In both movies, the villain discovers he’s not actually villainous at all.


Winter’s Bone

This movie is depressing, gritty, but definitely a must-see. It tells the story of a woman who, desperate to keep her family from falling apart, tries to track down her drug-dealer father. It’s beautifully acted, and at some points, feels joyless, bleaker than anything else I’ve ever seen.


True Grit

I love the original “True Grit” with John Wayne, but this update is slightly darker, and sticks more closely to the novel. Jeff Bridges is far grittier than John Wayne as Rooster Cogburn, a U.S. Marshall hired to bring a fugitive to justice at the hands of a 14-year-old girl. The actress who plays that girl is brilliant, and the banter between Bridges and Matt Damon is hilarious, too.


The Fighter

This movie is worth watching for Mark Walhberg’s abs alone. He looks amazing, but beyond that, the movie is spectacular, realistically depicting a dysfunctional family with one shot at greatness — one of the sons has boxing talent.

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Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World

I know, I know, this movie isn’t going to win any Oscars (or even be nominated) but I thought it was wonderful, romantic, and hilarious. It follows the comic books pretty closely — Scott Pilgrim must fight each of his new girlfriend’s wicked exes to date her… can he do it?


127 Hours

James Franco is at his most brilliant in this movie, based on the true story of a hiker who, trapped under a boulder alone in the desert, has to make a horrifying decision that might save his life. It’s so hard to watch (some people who screened it before its release actually fainted) but if you can make it past that, it’s absolutely stunning.


The King’s Speech

I am totally in love with Colin Firth. That being said, I’d have loved this movie even if idiotic Hugh Grant was in the lead role (I can’t stand him). It’s a period piece, beautifully done, about King George VI of Britain and the stutter that nearly kept him from the throne.


Toy Story 3

I loved the first two “Toy Story” movies, and though I really wasn’t fond of the third one when I first saw it (I sobbed through most of it), I’ve come to realize it really couldn’t have been much better. It was more mature, scarier, and not nearly as sweet as the first two films, but again, neither were the fans. Andy’s all grown up and ready for college, so I assume a lot of the movie-goers were, too.


Let Me in

I’m sure there are a lot of people that don’t think this movie should be on my top ten for the year, but I loved it. It was eerie, but sweet; scary, but believable, and most of all, timely: it’s a story about bullying, in a lot of ways. The trailers and previews made it look like just another vampire movie, but it’s so much more than that.

Until I started to put my list together, I had forgotten how many amazing movies there were this year! I especially loved “Despicable Me” and “Inception” … which of these movies did you like best, and why? Or is there another movie that came out this year you liked more?

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I'd add Kick-Ass too :)

Actually, the Scott Pilgrim movie was only accurate until halfway through the movie, aka up until the third novel. But it was a great movie separate from the written series. And if you think Let Me In is good, you should watch its Swedish brother, Let the Right On In, which the American one is based on.

I've seen a good chunk of all the movies listed and they were all pretty decent... Best movies of 2010? That's debatable. I can admit I have watched Toy Story 3 over 763 times (my niece is 4) and it never gets old!

Ps, toy story made me cry too:)

'Black Swan' and 'The kids are Alright' should be on this list for sure!

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