10 Top Bands to Listen to ...

Music! I can't imagine anyone who doesn't love music! If you enjoy music and it makes you happy, then get ready for one rockin' ride. Of course, I canโ€™t cover every group of music out there, so some of you who like music will more than likely leave unhappy. However, first, make sure you leave your comment! Tell me what you would have liked to see. You know, nicely, without insulting me. Remember everyone has different tastes.

10. Metallica

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Sure, some of you out there may not like Metallica, but theyโ€™re cool! Have you ever heard the song โ€œOneโ€ by Metallica? Itโ€™s pretty awesome. This is a metal band that comes from Los Angeles, California. They were formed in 1981 and today, they are still going strong.

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