Top 20 Classic Romantic Songs ...


I love to listen to** romantic love songs**, don't you? A soft, sultry love song is just the thing to set the mood for a romantic evening, and I've got a few favorites that I keep on my playlist all the time.

Here are my** top romantic songs** right now, complete with videos from You Tube for your viewing pleasure!

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Unchained Melody ...

by The Righteous Brothers


You're My First, My Last, My Everything ...

** by Barry White**


I Will Always Love You ...

** by Whitney Houston**


At Last ...

** by Etta James**


Wonderful Tonight ...

** by Eric Clapton**


My Heart Will Go on ...

** by Celine Dion**


You Are the Sunshine of My Life ...

** by Stevie Wonder**


More than Words ...

** by Extreme**


Keep on Loving You ...

** by REO Speedwagon**

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Open Arms ...

** by Journey**


Unforgettable ...

** by Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole**


Fallin ...

** by Alicia Keys**


When You Say Nothing at All ...

** by Allison Krauss**


I Wanna Know What Love is ...

** by Foreigner**


Endless Love ...

** by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross**


Breathe ...

** by Faith Hill**


Save the Best for Last ...

** by Vanessa Williams**


I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing ...

** by Aerosmith**


How do I Live ...

** by LeAnn Rimes**


Iris ...

** by Goo Goo Dolls**

There they are - my absolute favorite romantic songs right now! (And yeah i know that Iris is considered as a break up song by some, but I love it!) These great tunes are sure to inspire love and romance in whomever hears them. Do you have more favorite romantic songs? Post them in the Comments section below so I can hear them!

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What a great list from every genre of music...I love them all!

i think the're all the most greatest of al times,love them all especially "i dont wanna miss a thing" by Aerosmith, Just awesome stuff.....

great list of romantic songs. i downloaded most of the songs on your list. same with hannah, add "eternal flame", my best ever favorite romantic songs.

My favorite classic love song is "When I Fall in Love" (Nat King Cole). That's what my fiance and I are going to dance our first dance to at our reception.

PS...Etta James "At Last" will be a song we're going to use at our wedding...maybe for the cake cutting.

Aww Thanks Hannah!! :)

Great list!!! My top 20 too, minus a couple of songs... That makes my top 18... I'd add Bangles' "Eternal flame" and The Moody Blues' "Nights in white satin" as replacements. And almost every song from the Cole Porter song book but let's stick to the top 20. :) Diana, best wishes! Hannah

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