7 Romantic Ideas for Your Marriage ...


7 Romantic Ideas for Your Marriage ...
7 Romantic Ideas for Your Marriage ...

I love being married! I love my husband and we have a ton of fun together! He surprises me occasionally with an unexpected gift and I treat him to a backrub every now and then. Sometimes, though, it’s necessary to kick up the romance a notch or two? What do you sneak in every now and then to add a small token of surprise and romance to your marriage? It’s not always about the big bang, but the little sweet things. So, here’s to the every day, average, just because I love you surprises!

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Come Home Different

Come Home Different Photo Credit: Elios.k

No, not the route you drive, and I don’t mean a make over either. Come home, as usual, but instead of opening the door and walking in, as normal. Ring the doorbell. When she answers, present her with a bouquet and her favorite drink. Enjoy it on the front porch before you go in for dinner.


Her Favorite Things

Her Favorite Things Photo Credit: ∙:∙:◇SunEye☻☺○

Does your wife adore teddy bears? Precious Moments? Does she collect bells, or baskets, or vintage buttons? Here is what you do: Every gift you buy for her, incorporate her favorite thing. No, I don’t mean buy her a package of vintage buttons every time you buy her something. Use it in the wrapping or bows, or buy a card with the picture on front of a teddy bear. She’ll love it!


Gift Presentations

Gift Presentations Photo Credit: Margot-

Let’s go back to the idea above – her favorite things. First, never give a gift that isn’t wrapped. Presentation means a lot! So here are a few ideas for giving your gift. Earrings in the ears of the stuffed animal, necklace around the neck of the animal, and love notes attached to the paw of the stuffed lovey. Hmmm, how nice!


Schedule Romance

Schedule Romance Photo Credit: ly wylde

You heard me right! It is so easy to get wrapped up in our daily workload; romance is often pushed aside because we just don’t have time for it. How do you squeeze time for love? Write it down on your to do list! Yes, pencil in “Dinner tonight” or “Surprise gift today” or “Write a love note.” With it right in front of your eyes, you won’t forget your date!


7 Romantic Songs

7 Romantic Songs Photo Credit: Pete foley

What could be more romantic than a dance before, during, and after dinner, with candle flickering in the background? My favorites: “I Do” “Don’t forget About Us” “I Love You” “Amazed” “How Forever Feels” “Breathe” “Tonight, I Celebrate My Love”


5 do’s

5 do’s Photo Credit: _Paula AnDDrade

Do schedule plenty of time for foreplay, do eliminate distractions when lovemaking, do learn how to compromise, do accept your lover for who he or she is, and do fun, unusual things: express yourself.


5 Don’ts

5 Don’ts Photo Credit: AurélienS

Don’t leave lovemaking until just before sleep, don’t make love the same way every time, don’t rush through lovemaking, don’t negotiate your relationship, and don’t turn yourself into a martyr.

Marriage is important and it is important to keep romance alive in your marriage. What do you do for romance? Share your ideas with me!

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