7 No Holds Date Ideas ...


7 No Holds Date Ideas ...
7 No Holds Date Ideas ...

Do you have a special occasion coming up and want to celebrate in a big way? Maybe you just have a few extra dollars saved up and want to surprise your honey with an all expense paid date that is made of fantasy and dreams. Go ahead and splurge! You have to spend the money on something! Keep reading for some out of this world date ideas!

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Hawaii Photo Credit: L S G

Trips like this usually only come once in a life time! Well, maybe not for everyone, but for us "commoners" it only comes around once. If then! So save up your pennies and dollars and take a trip of a lifetime. If Hawaii is not be your dream, then go to Paris, or London, or Fiji, or...


Surprise Date

Surprise Date Photo Credit: j j hunter

Show up at the work place after work, blindfold your lover, and whisk them away to a surprise place. Maybe a bed and breakfast, or a fancy hotel on the beach, or go skiing. Whatever would be the ultimate weekend for you and your love, surprise them and go!


Couples Massage

Couples Massage Photo Credit: les abeyta

The best way to relax and smooth away a little of the stress from the week! Surprise your lover with a visit to a massage salon. Afterwards, enjoy dinner and maybe a private showing of an absolutely romantic movie.


Enjoy a Weekend at a Private Resort and Spa

Enjoy a Weekend at a Private Resort and Spa Photo Credit: TweenWatersInn

This is the ultimate way of pampering yourself! A private spa with your own personal butler and maid. Relax in your room, enjoy luxury treatment, food, and indulgence, and simply pine away for the weekend.


Fly Somewhere for the Day

Fly Somewhere for the Day Photo Credit: caribb

Try New York City, or Miami, or what about Los Angeles or Denver. Go for just the day. Shop, sight see, see a show. Splurge on an awesome meal or two. At the end of the day, fly home. This will Gbe one of those date that are talked about for years to come.


Hire a Chef

Hire a Chef Photo Credit: Rex Maximilian

What is your lovers favorite food choice? Mexican? Chinese? Italian? Hire a chef to come to your house and cook just for you. Dress to the nine's and enjoy the catering. How fun, and romantic!


Rent a Yatch

Rent a Yatch Photo Credit: maapu

Go for an evening of watching the sunset, then dance on the deck under the stars. A fabulous way to spend the night, or evening. Eat dinner first, or have a picnic while the sun drops in the horizon.

Have you spent an outrageous amount for an evening or weekend for romance? Which one of these would you like to participate?

Top Photo Credit: Bob.Fornal

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